A Valuable Lesson is learned

Many leagues have gone up against the forces of Anarchy, many more have crumpled. Will Balurs Untergang be like those in the past, or will they buck the trend of history do what none other has done yet: Defeat Anarchy?

Balurs Untergang Takes on Anarchy

Wise would be the league that doesn't draw the gaze of Anarchy. This powerful league that has rocketed up the ranks over the past year has proven itself to be an aggressive and formidable force. Taking on some of the most powerful leagues and allying themselves with only a handful of others while doing so.

Forging their way into the top five ranking leagues, putting themselves amongst some of the oldest in the realm, they have carved out a reputation that deserves respect, whether you like them or not.

Unfortunately for some leagues, this is a lesson that has yet to be learned. The Balurs Untergang is the most recent to discover this lesson.

Attacking one of the most powerful players in Anarchy, Magic Breed, the leadership in Balurs Untergang unknowingly initiated a full out war with Anarchy. Their continued assaults against the gates of his stronghold, although unsuccessful, did not go unnoticed. 

Anarchy Targets Balur Gang

This call to arms was all that was needed for the forces of Anarchy to move into action. Attacks quickly began to rain down on the heads of Balurs Untergang, attacks that wiped out entire cities and decimated all in their path.

Choosing to take it one step further, One of the Captains of Anarchy decided to directly assault Balur Untergangs sole seat of power, their Fortress. E Anarchy came down in one vicious attack that smashed through the defender's forces.

Anarchy Downgrades Balurs Gang

Following this assault, another member of Anarchy followed up on E Anarchy's attack and wiped out the remaining forces that remained in the recently defeated fortress, resulting in a 100% loss for Balurs Untergang.

Anarchy Finishes Balurs Gang

Beaten and battered, Balurs Untergang attempted to rally their forces, but the savagery of the attacks was such that little could be done. Members of Anarchy rained down on Untergang, leaving no stone unturned and no stronghold untouched.

Anarchy Hitting Balurs Untergang

Anarchy Wiping Balurs Untergang

Balurs gang attacked By Anarchy

Finally, having suffered enough, it was Balurs Untergangs turn to retaliate. Knowing that their opposition was never going to leave them alone until everything was destroyed, Grappi, the Marshal of Untergang decided to take actions into his own hands.

Sending out his formidable forces, he initiated a series of attacks, the results of which are presented below.

Balurs Untergang Fail Anarchy

Balurs Untergang Fail Anarchy 2

Grappi Fails Anarchy

The results were conclusive, the Balurs Untergang had been broken and defeated. Grappi, well aware of this informed one of the Captains of Anarchy and admitted defeat.

Anarchy wins

Anarchy Destroys Balurs Untergang

With these final messages, this short lived war was over. The Balurs Untergang, admitting defeat has been left largely alone. Whether not they will be able to recoup and recover is yet to be discovered, but what is for certain is the fact that they have learned a valuable lesson in warfare at the hands of Anarchy.

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