Diplomacy Breaks Down Across the Realm

With the rise of the new beacons, a new set of conflicts emerge. Tensions flare and leaders come to blows with one another, battles rage all across the lands that include numerous leagues.

Numerous Leagues Go to War

Since the rise of the last wave of beacons, tensions have flared all across the map. Major wars have been few and far between, but diplomacy between major leagues is beginning to crumble and fights are once again breaking out as the threat of Balur is once again diminished.

In the Northwest, the Bilksner league is furious with what they believe to be an outrageous act against their honor, committed by the Unforgiven Leagues. The issue over ownership of the new beacons, as it has been so many times in the past, is causing skirmishes and a call to arms from league leaders.

Taking control over a new beacon, and then promptly agreeing to a trade, the leadership in Bilksner sent out the following series of messages to their members, which highlight the confusion and frustration they are experiencing.

KoC Take Bilks Corner Beacon

Tensions Flare Bilks Unforgiven

As can be seen from the latter message, the Marshal of Bilksner, Silverhammer, has called for an all out war against the Unforgiven. The slights against his leagues will not stand and attacks have already been issued forth. The conflict threatens to spill over into a beacon war.

As for the Unforgiven, you can see that they are currently still in possession of the beacons in question and plan on holding them to their dying breath.

Unforgiven Hold 407

Unforgiven hold 410

Whether or not the Bilksner league will be able to reclaim what they consider to be rightfully theirs is yet to be seen, but already we can hear the rumblings of war and the call for arms, as their leadership plans to assault the Unforgiven in a major way.

Yet, this is not the only conflict surfacing in our once relatively peaceful realm. The fight between the Guardians of Avalon and the Walking Dead continues on to this day, with neither side willing to back down and come to terms with the other.

Fight Continues KoC GoA Anarchy

GoA Bunker Down

Finally, the Knights Templar is dealing with another skirmish that has surfaced between their members and the Reservoir Dogs, a league known for its aggressive nature. This comes on the heels of a lessening of tension between themselves and the Knights of Camelot.

KT Targets Reservoir Dogs

KT KoC Tensions Ease

Chaos surely does rule our realm in these dark times and conflict is spilling forth in all corners of our noble land. Let not this fear rule your life, these battles are simply a part of our daily lives, as the new normal becomes a dark and grim one indeed. 

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