May 2015 Stormfall Chronicle

By Nathan McDonald

Citizens of Stormfall!

I bring you news that is good and news that is bad. As I hinted at in last week's Stormfall Chronicle, the rumor was emerging that the end of the Beacon wars was fast approaching. This brought great joy to people across the realms, as much destruction has occurred and many young lives have been lost in far off lands, lands unfamiliar, strange and unknown.

This has been a battle of the lords, egos and tempers have flared. Both sides have dragged each others names through the mud and back again! Yet, as previously stated, it appears that these great lords have been able to put aside their differences and sit once again across the table from one another and talk peace.

The peace was simple. King of Kings and Knights of Camelot have agreed to a 30 day cease fire with their once previous ally, turned foe, Knights Templar. This peace was welcomed by even these lords as the fatigue of war began to wear down even the most steadfast hero.

For a time, this peace looked as if it would hold. Alas, it was for a short time only. Quickly word spread that the Knights Templar was simply biding its time and looking for a reprieve from the attacks to once again gather its forces and attempt to rally its allies to its side once again.

Unfortunately for them, this secret would not last. It is unknown whether a carrier pigeon was intercepted or if one within their ranks sold them out, but regardless, the word got out. The Knights Templar was planning on breaking the cease fire and renew the war.

Swords remained sheathed, but the pointing of fingers and the shouting of voices could be heard at the village centers across the lands. Accusations and denials became commonplace. One member of The Knights of Camelot took to the public forums and made their voice heard. This member was Lady Dominatrix and had the following to say:

This came as a shock to many and disheartened villagers across the land. Mothers wept for their husbands and their sons, fearing that battles would be renewed and more turmoil would visit their already war torn lands.


The Knights Templar has since talked to some of their most trusted allied, most notably, the DaM Empire and The Fist of Honor, the latter who is but a shadow of what they once were after suffering a staggering defeat from the Legacy League, which will be explained in next week's Stormfall Chronicle.

Until then citizens of Stormfall, pray to the gods above that a match is not lit and this war ignites stronger than ever, fiercer than even and with hatred not seen since the rise of Balur. Pray and prepare.

This article was written by Nathan McDonald, who granted permission for it to be posted on Any thoughts or views expressed herein are the player's own, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Plarium Global.

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