The Purging of DaM Shield


Reports of the ground shaking, soldiers crying, the marching of feet and the clash of steel came pouring into the Stormfall Chronicle. An earth shattering battle was taking place and citizens across the lands wanted answers to who and why the fighting was occurring.

The battle surrounded the DaM Shield stronghold known as beacon 12. This beacon, once belonging to the Knights of Camelot was taken by the DaM Empire during the chaos that unfolded during the greatest battle of our times, known as the Beacon Wars.

DaM, taking advantage of the conflict surrounding the Knights of Camelot and the Knights Templar leagues moved in and established their stake in Beacon 12. For a time, they were secure behind their walls and the lands faced a short moment of peace, yet it was not meant to last.

Beacon 12 was literally set ablaze, for some time now, there has been a battle brewing behind the scenes between the league known as Legacy and the DaM Empire. The DaM Empire, lead by Sean DaM Man had been trying to rally support from its allies to wipe the Legacy league off the map once and for all.

Unfortunately for the DaM Empire, this was not meant to be. The Stormfall Chronicle has gained the knowledge that due to the way Legacy handled itself against all five Fist of Honor leagues, DaM's allies were not willing to throw themselves so quickly into a conflict against Legacy. Especially given the tenuous peace terms in place, that resulted from the cease fire of the Beacon Wars.

Even more unfortunate for the DaM Empire was the fact that Legacy learned knowledge of this unfolding action behind the scenes and took preemptive action. The troops began their march, arrows were fired and dragons soared through the air, beacon 12 was under siege.

The troops of Legacy attacked in waves, whittling the forces of DaM Shield down in assault after assault, then the Captains of Legacy marched on the gates and threw down the remaining forces of DaM Shield, taking control of beacon 12.

As we have now learned, a token force was established in beacon 12 by Legacy, nothing of any significance, as Legacy never had any intention of holding the lands, their point was made simply by destroying the previous owners forces.

Yet the DaM Empire was not done yet. Plans formulated behind the scenes. The main division of DaM, DaM Nations began preparing plans, not knowing how many forces the Legacy league had stationed at beacon 12. After adjourning their meeting, the captains agreed, the beacon must be retaken.

Once again, the soldiers marched on, yet to Nations surprise, only a small force of Legacy was stationed at the beacon, it was easily retaken and the battle was won. Yet was it? Or was the battle only just beginning?

Return next week, for another edition of the Stormfall Chronicle, where you learn the second part of this epic battle, that as you can assume, was only just beginning..

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