The Splintering of Fist of Honor

By Nathan McDonald

Welcome back loyal readers to another edition of the Stormfall Chronicle! As many of you now know, the mighty leagues engaged in the war of wars, known as the Beacon Wars have come to a stand still. This despite last week's report that hostilities and a war of words once again erupted between the major parties.

Beacon Wars

For now, the tenuous pact remains in place and we can only hope that the thirty day cease fire will be extended to the end of times and we can once again focus on our common enemy Balur, whose forces have undoubtedly advanced in the shadows during this time of great conflict and distraction.

Even while the Beacon Wars were coming to a standstill, another battle was entering its final hours. The battle I speak of is one that has been much discussed on the Stormfall Chronicle and involved six leagues. This of course is the war between Legacy and the Fist of Honor league.

Despite facing overwhelming numbers, Legacy entered into the arena and engaged all five Fist of Honor leagues at once. The results have been reported over the past month by the Stormfall Chronicle and although victories were won on both sides, it quickly became evident that the ferocious nature of Legacy was gaining the upper hand.


Successful attacks lead to more successful attacks and successful defenses lead to even more successful defenses. The morale in Legacy was blossoming and it showed through the ever increasing amount of engagements their members were willing to enter into.

One of the final blows that landed, was the destruction of FoH Titan, a member of Fist of Honor 3 and a captain in that league. The Chronicle was able to obtain a number of shots showings the destruction of his units and the burning of his keep.

FoH Titan Settlement Revised

FoH Titan Settlement Revised

Titan FoH3 Bombed

The assault shown above, was just one of many that lead to the weakening in morale across the ranks of the soldiers in Fist of Honor. A number of leagues had, had enough and lost the spirit to continue on. What came next, shocked the realm and was never expected, not even amongst the leaders in Legacy, who continued to pursue their foe.

It started with FoH2, the league that started the war with Legacy, through its Captain Quig and his infamous letter of threat sent to the leadership in Legacy. Having lost the will to fight, they began to feud with the leadership in FoH1. A divide in the ranks blossomed and a decision was made by the leadership in FoH2 to cut ties and create their own league. The death of FoH2 was upon them and the splintering of FoH had begun.

FoH 2 Collapse

As seen in the image above, FoH2 quickly dropped down to only one remaining member in its ranks, all but effectively dead. The newly formed league that they chose was named The Republic Atredies and their hope was to get away from the war with Legacy and carve out a new future for themselves.

Next to shatter was FoH Fellowship, a newly formed division of the FoH family and only weeks old, they were previously simply known as "The Fellowship" and after suffering serious losses at the hands of Legacy, quickly chose to shed the FoH name and return to their old banner.

The remaining leagues in FoH also lost key players and major forces. Having seen this all unfold, citizens across the lands held their breath and wondered if Legacy would continue to pursue its foe when it was down. This was not to be the case, having done what it set out to do, Legacy agreed to enter into a cease fire and discuss matters further.

Talks progressed in a successful manner and eventually peace was declared between the two leagues. Legacy's true enemies who started the war, FoH2, had moved on to their new league and that was where they intended to focus their attention, but that my friends is a story for another day, but rest assured, the Chronicle will be there to report to you what matters most. Until next week my friends, I bid you farewell and best wishes, enjoy the peace while it last

This article was written by Nathan McDonald, who granted permission for it to be posted on Any thoughts or views expressed herein are the player's own, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Plarium Global.

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