Lord of the Moderators

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Player: Marie Miller
Game: Stormfall: Age of War

1. How did you find out about our game? How long have you been playing it?

A friend of mine who I played games with before invited me to Stormfall. I began playing on December 10th, 2012 - I now play on all 3 Facebook servers. I also have Castles on 2 Plarium.com servers to help troubleshoot issues for the players there.

I also play Sparta: War of Empires on 2 Facebook servers and 1 Plarium.com server, to help players on that game too. 

I recently picked up Soldiers: Inc and Pirates: Tides of Fortune again on Facebook too. 

2. What do you consider the most interesting type of thread?

The most interesting thread is always the Official Suggestion Thread. I love seeing the suggestions for improvements that players have.

3. When do you answer questions?

I generally am in Moderator Mode from 11pm to 7am but I might still answer questions during the day or evening hours as well depending on my insomnia. In addition to the page, I also respond to many PMs from players.

4. Is it difficult to find time for moderating, real life, and playing the game?

It is sometimes difficult to juggle it all, especially during the days after major updates to multiple games. While I need to be on the pages more during those often turbulent times, if I don't spend sufficient time playing the games to see how the update really affects regular gameplay, I can't help other players which can be stressful.

I am thankful that my husband plays Stormfall with me so when I need to delay eating dinner or a trip to the store for a game-related situation, he understands and is supportive.

5. What do you consider the proudest moment of your moderating career?

Any time I can help a player resolve an issue, I am happy.

6. What advice can you give to players who want to join our moderating team?

  1. Understand the game mechanics of all facets of the game;
  2. Understand that there is still much to learn and to share;
  3. Understand that players often see Moderators as "traitors" in the "us versus them" paradigm;
  4. Understand being a Moderator means you will be open to attack by players on the page, on your Facebook page and posts, in your PMs, on the Rage Page(s), and in the game(s) you play;
  5. Understand that while you may spend most of your time helping other players, they will seldom express any gratitude.

7. A random question: what is your favorite song?

My favorite song is "Daisy a Day" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3KbgWfQsy9o

8. Do you have any other comments?

Thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts. 

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