Borders Are Contested And Defined

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A massive number of new beacons rise forth, and the race is on. Leagues all over the realm fight for supremacy: some are successful, while others are not. Who will be victorious?

Once again, throughout the lands, the race is on! New beacons have burst forth from the very crust of the realm, and the minions of Balur come with them. Heroes great and small ride out to battle these forces and claim a bastion of power as their own.

Unfortunately, as we have seen through the ages, it is not Balur that man must fear the most, but his fellow citizens.

Leagues all over the realm made plans as soon as they learned of the news, some in advance, while others responded quickly after the fact.

New Beacons WD

New Beacons Eberron

New Beacons Drop UK

The race was on, and the amount of new beacons that surfaced was nearly overwhelming. The appetite for edge beacons, the most coveted in the lands, is always strong and leagues easily filled the void.

New Beacons NW KoC

New Beacons East

New Beacons South

New Beacons South East

New Beacons West2 Dominius

New Beacons West3 Blue KT

New Beacons West UK Emps

As can be seen from the early images taken by the Chronicle above, leagues such as the Unforgiven Knights, The Emperors, The Knights Templar, Blue Magick, Dominus, Ironclad, Braveheart and the Knights of Camelot were just a small number of the leagues that were able to grab on and hold onto these new seats of power, displacing Balur’s dark forces in the process.

Yet, this would not be the end, for all over the realm, leagues such as Dominus, The Knights Templar, and various others had to assert their dominance and lay waste to those that would seek to move into what they deemed to be "their lands". 

Some of the most intense fighting witnessed was between two leagues that previously were considered allies in the darkest of times, and shared borders peacefully: the King of Kings and Anarchy.

The battle in question was over beacon 631--a corner edge, and therefore a much desired beacon--and it caused much back and forth action throughout the day.

KoK Anarchy Back and Forth

Fail 631

Anarchy KoK back And Forth

New Beacons KoK Hit

New Beacons KoK Hit_2

Yet, in the end, as can be seen from the last two images, it was Anarchy that took control of beacon 631 after much fighting back and forth. The King of Kings chose to move to new lands, and take possession of the Northeastern corner edge beacons instead, in what was previously known as Destiny lands.

New Beacons KoK moves NE

For now, the intense action witnessed over the past few days has largely settled down, but in these dark times you never know when the next spark will be struck, and the next inferno ensues. Let us hope that things will settle, at least for the time being.

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