A War of Swords and Words

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A brief struggle erupts between two established leagues. The Ratcoms and Destiny’s rivalry comes to a head and a war of both swords and words ensues.

A new but not unexpected war has broken out between the Ratcoms and Destiny, two leagues that have faced direct conflict with one another.

This conflict was initiated by the Ratcoms, when they recently assisted the Emperors with a Destiny beacon takedown. This sparked a firestorm of retaliation from Destiny, as they called for war against the Ratcoms and an all-out assault on their castles, fiefs and strongholds.

Destiny attacks Ratcomes

After falling victim to these combined attacks and experiencing the fury of Destiny, the Marshal of the Ratcoms took to the public forums, where he vented his frustration with Destiny and called them out on what he believe to be dishonorable actions.

Warhawk attack Destiny Forums

Many other members of the realm were quick to remind Warhawk that this is war and in war, anything goes. Your enemies will do everything and anything they can do to give themselves an advantage over you.

In addition to this, players defended Destiny called out the Warhawks for some of their recent actions.

Members Defend Destiny

Members Defend Destiny

This back and forth went on for many more messages, as neither side believed that they were in the wrong. Additionally, the fighting between both leagues reached new heights as firebombs soared through the air and the drums of war beat loudly.

For many more days, battles were fought, but eventually, fatigue set in and the leadership of both sides began talks of putting aside their differences, if even only for a short period of time.

A ceasefire was decided upon and the leadership of both leagues filtered the word down to their members, informing them to stop all hostile actions against the opposing forces.

Cease Fire Ratcoms

Ratcoms Destiny Cease

For the time being, this is an end to this conflict, but even the slightest spark could renew it with increased fury. 

Big changes on both sides are being made, and a major change is occurring within the ranks of Destiny, but that is a story for another time and another day. Until then, be safe, citizens of Stormfall.

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