A Sea of Red Washes Over the Realm

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Once again a Beacon Massacre approaches, leagues thought the madness was over, but alas it was not. Insanity grips the realm as leagues turn on one another.

If you thought they were over, if you thought they were finished, then you thought wrong. The Beacon Massacres have returned and madness will once again grip the realm in its vicious hold.

Leagues all over the realm, upon hearing of the dreadful news took action and began making preparations for the inevitable carnage that would be soon coming.

Beacon Massacre Approaches

Beacon Massacre Approaches

Beacon Mass KoC

Beacon Mass Coming Get Rdy

Beacon Mass Coming WD

Beacon Massacre Coming

Most leagues called on their members to rally to their beacons in support, informing their members that as before, 90% of those fallen in battle during the event would rise again. A cruel trick of the gods, but a small glimmer of light in an otherwise gruesome event.

Others called for the pulling out of their troops, knowing that their enemies would be targeting them and there would be nothing they could do to stop their forces if they went into full suicide mode on their beacons.

As the event came, and leagues all over the realm prepared as best as they could, it appeared as though the realm was collectively holding its breath and waiting for the first attack to launch. The event started off relatively slow for the first part of the day.

Beacon Mass Slow Start

Beacon Mass slow Start

Beacon Mass Wait

Yet, as the day progressed and armies had the time to gather their strength, this quickly changed and an all out madness erupted, with the sound of swords clashing reaching a deafening roar.

Beacon Mass Picks Up

Beacon mass Continues

 Before long, a sea of red text washed over the realm. The feeding frenzy had begun, with numerous leagues jumping in on the action, hoping to claim victory in honor of themselves and their fellow leaguemates. Rapidly, beacons began to fall.

Beacon mass Red

Beacon Mass

Beacon Mass


Emperors Take Destiny Beacon

Beacon 478

Beacon 479

As the event drew to a close and the rubble of fallen beacons piled high into the sky, winners were declared. Familiar names once again appeared on the list, which included some of the most hostile leagues this realm has ever seen.

Beacon Massacre Results

The Emperors, The Knights Templar and Anarchy took the top three positions, while the Fist of Honor, King of Kings and Destiny followed closely behind.

Another Beacon Massacre has come and gone and as in the past, troops once fallen are rising from where they fell. 

Many leagues were touched by this event and the violence that surrounded it, if you were one of the lucky few who escaped unscathed, then count yourself lucky, next time, you might not be so fortunate...

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