The Realm Braces for War

The tenuous NAP that has been in place since the end of the Beacon Wars has come under question. Will it remain, will it dissipate? Will the realm be safe from destruction? Only time will tell.

The end of NAP?

Since the ending of the Beacon wars, a Non Aggression Pact has existed between some of the most powerful leagues in the realm. This NAP has kept the hatred that still lingers amongst many members on both sides at bay, yet it is all about to come to an end.

Rumors begin to stir and leadership began to question their members on whether or not the NAP should be abolished going forward.

Messages similar to the ones presented below began to appear across the realm in the mailboxes of those who fell under the umbrella of the NAP.

KT Asks members

Coralition KT Discuss Peace

As can be seen above, two such examples from the Destiny League and the Knights Templar 2 are presented, in which they inform their members of what is going on behind the scenes and the actions that may unfold in the future.

Many began preparing right away, bolstering their defensive and offensive productions, believing that now that this discussion was in the open, there was no turning back.

The Knights Templar 3 leadership pushed hard for KoC to leave the sanctity of the NAP, as they desired to go into direct one on one combat against the Knights of Camelot, an impossible task if the NAP existed.

KT3 Asks KoC Break NAP

As the days unfolded, it became clear to most that the vast majority of members wished the NAP to be abolished. Although none desired to go into such heated combat as was seen in the Beacon Wars, many could not sit idly by as their enemies grew unhindered.

Discussions continued long into the night.

KT Votes NAP

Finally, the Knights Templar 3 made the announcement to much fanfare of their membership, which was pleased to hear that the talks of the NAP went in the direction they desired. 

The NAP was no more.

Lost Souls BrotherHood Take Havoc

Once again, the realm stands on the edge of destruction, with the ending of this NAP. What will be the spark that starts the next Beacon Wars, or will these leagues be able to coexist in relative peace, not letting the actions of their members spiral out of control? Only time will tell.

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