Rally of the Dead

The Walking Dead come under assault by the Coralition and their allies. Rallying to their fortress a grand battle is fought and much destruction is reaped. Will they rise again?

The Dead Rise Again

A threat is rising from the Walking Dead, they have fallen into the crosshairs of some of the most powerful leagues in the game and they are struggling to get out of it, doing everything they can to survive.

The leadership of the walking dead, under direct threat from the Guardians of Avalon, has called for a strengthening of their new seat of power, the fortress, which host a division of their defensive forces and is currently under assault.

Walkers Vs GoA

Learning of a planned attack, the Walking Dead leadership called for a rally to their fortress and a hunkering down of all remaining troops. Directions, as mentioned above, indicated their foreknowledge of this attack.

Unfortunately for the Walking Dead, it was too little, too late. The enemy had them surrounded, and those few defenders that made their way into the fortress were trapped. All they could do now was hope that they could survive the night.

As the sun rose, a deathly silence hung over the now defeated fortress, the units trapped inside were slaughtered and the morale of the remaining troops was greatly diminished. The leadership of the Walking Dead issued a series of rapid messages to their membership.

Walkers Abandon Fortress

Walkers Have Fortress Downgraded

Walking Dead Members Pull Units Beacons

Although bested in this battle and admitting defeat, the leadership of the Walking Dead was not finished yet. Secret plans went into motion and a few key members of their ranks organized to quickly boost the fortress level to level 8, the next key stage of its development and where it could no longer be downgraded through force.

The plan was implemented and proven to be a success. Through the contributions of a few members, they were quickly able to level their fortress to level 8, before it was downgraded through another attack.

WD Fort

Following these actions, the Walking Dead has essentially declared war on the Coralition. Instructing their members to respond to the hostilities towards them, knowing that this is not going to be an easy fight, but one that they have been dragged into.

Destiny is one league that has instructed their members to attack the Walking Dead, indicating that this fight, and war are far from settled yet.

Destiny Attacks Cherokee Walking Dead

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