The Supernaturals Consolidate Power

News travel quickly and the news of a weak beacon travels even faster. The Vampires have merged with the their allies, but hold onto four remaining beacons. The end draws near.

Vampires Ripe for the Takedown

Rumors travel quickly in Stormfall and once confirmed, it is only a matter of time before one league or another will act on that news.

The news this week? The decline of the Vampires league. This league was not decimated, it was not destroyed, it did not fracture from within. No, this league’s decline was due to a consolidation of power.

The Vampires, a long term member of the "Supernaturals" alliance, also known by some as the "Goth Alliance," has decided to merge with the other members of their alliance. Many members have gone to the Werewolves, some to others, but most have chosen to remain within the alliance fold.

Quickly, once the decision was reached, the roster of the Vampires declined. Numbers dropped fast and still the Vampires were seen holding four beacons in the center lands. One of the first signs of their intentions was when the Werewolves took over ownership of beacon 97, becoming the new defender of this stronghold.

This raised many eyebrows and caused many leagues to look into why this had happened. Upon closer inspection, it was quite clear what had begun to all and still the Vampires held onto three remaining beacons, ripe for the taking.

Members Leave Vampires

Vampires Ripe for Takedown

Acting on this news, the league Anarchy, known for their aggressive nature, quickly gathered a few of its captains and members. They formulated a plan to test the strength of the Vampires’ remaining beacons, hoping to appease the appetite of its bloodthirsty members and score some additional level five beacon takedowns.

Gathering a few volunteers, they marched out to the land of the Vampires and co-ordinated a number of test hits, hoping to discover the strength of these beacons. The attacks were launched and the veil was removed.

Vampires Lose Beacon 51

Vampires Lose Beacon 50

To Anarchy's surprise they quickly took down two of the Vampires beacons, easily with only a handful of troops. These attacks were meant to only "test the waters", but to the troops’ surprise, they did not lose their lives, but rather mounted the walls and planted their banner atop the ramparts.

This was no defensive force and the intention of Anarchy was not to hold the fort. As they have done so many times in the past, the beacon was abandoned and all troops were ordered out of the stronghold.

No sooner had Anarchy pulled its troops, than another would be conqueror marched upon the gates of the former Vampires beacon. A feeding frenzy began of multiply leagues quickly taking and losing possession of beacons 50 and 51.

Chaos Beacons 50 51

Anarchy, upon seeing the frenzy, pulled their troops back to their homelands, satisfied with the destruction that was caused and the victories gained.

A message went out to their troops, congratulating them on the success of the campaign and boosting the troops' morale. Another battle was fought and another league has moved on to a new chapter of its life. The life of Stormfall continues on.

Anarchy Takes Down Vampire Beacons

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