The Battle for Supremacy Begins

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Citizens of Stormfall!

Batten the hatches, secure your hovels and prepare for the coming storm, a storm that is surely to be felt by all!

As we’ve reported here at the Stormfall Chronicle a cold war of epic proportions has been brewing behind the scenes between the great lords from the Knights of Camelot and their once close ally, the Knights Templar.

Cold no longer it is, for swords have been drawn and arrows have flown. The attacks came swift and sure, the Knights Templar acted, attempting to monopolize on the rumors that the Knights of Camelot were having internal struggles between some of their most powerful lords.

This struggle resulted in a number of prominent Captains from KoC throwing down their Tabards and taking up the Knights Templars colors.

Acting on this news, KT soldiers marched and were sent to do battle in the lands of KoC. The first strike came and the target was Beacon 106, a level 5 beacon held by KoC II:



This news prompted Lord Oberon, a captain in KoC to take to the Stormfall community  and make a broad call to the public, He was heard shouting the following to the masses:

“KT has declared war on KOC. Which side will you be on?”

Following this statement, Lord Oberon shared the results of the battle in Beacon 106. These results showed KoC initially halting KT forces, only to ultimately subcome to their overwhelming numbers:



The events that followed the battles in Beacon 106 shook the citizens of Stormfall to their core. Citizens fled in all directions as they attempted to escape the carnage that gripped the lands in both KoC and KT territories.

The battles that followed were reminiscent of the disaster that befell the Throne of Kings and their lands. Beacons rapidly changed hands, with the Knights of Camelot losing their grip over a portion of their domain and the Knights Templar having a large number of their level 5 beacons repeatedly hit and dropped by the Knights of Camelot, downgrading a number of them in the process and thusly reducing the influence they have over the realm.

As you can see from the images gathered by the Stormfall Chronicle, a number of leagues once again moved in and took advantage of the carnage, securing some of the lands previously held by these two mighty adversaries.



Although the Knights of Camelot are suffering from internal struggles, which have been reported as settling down, they have secured one of the most powerful leagues to their side, the King of Kings leagues, which previously was taking a neutral stance in this battle.

DjMoody, a high ranking Captain in King of Kings, made it quite clear to the entire realm in his post on the public forums. It appears KoK is not taking kindly to KT’s self adopted role as the “realms savior”:

KT have a long way to go to make this “savior”of the server / “Champions” of the little leagues stuff stick:

This is the same KT that:

- 2 months ago sat on the alliance where a simple vote could have made this plan a reality (but was never mentioned or brought up by James)

- As their closing act in the alliance were trying to get everyone to hit the sole DAM Nation beacon because “one beacon was too much for them”

- Recently smashed into Argentina (a perfect example of smaller league that deserves some space). The only reason – an aggressive land grab to increase KT’s ranking

- Has a sub league (manned by alts if you believe the forums) that holds x4 lvl 5 edge beacons. Never any sign of offering a new league a chance in that area.

- Has never given away any of their beacons, has staunchly held all their territory

Actions speak a hell of a lot louder than words, and the actions say KT works only for KT’s benefit.

As you can see from the above statement, this war is far from over yet. Grander and grander battles are to be fought, both sides are going for the throat and only one victor can remain in the eyes of these two great leagues.

A friendship that once stood the test of time can never be mended. Brothers go to war against one another and the lands are torn asunder as the devices of war march on.


This article was written by a player, who granted permission for it to be posted on Any thoughts or views expressed herein are the player's own, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Plarium Global.

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