Legacy the Silent Beast Unleashes on Fist of Honor

March 2015,4th edition

Citizens of Stormfall, the beacon wars that changed the realm forever remains at a halt, but as reported last week, hostilities are far from over.

The cold war continued into this week, with both sides entering into minor skirmishes and flexing their muscles.

Unfortunately for some, old friendships die hard. As reported, both the Knights of Camelot and the Knights Templar have been steadfast friends since the beginning of times. This has lead to a change of heart amongst some members, resulting in a few prominent members from the Knights of Camelot changing sides and joining forces with the enemy, Knights Templar.

Even though this is major news in and of itself, it is not the news that has captivated the realm this past week. No, that news is much more interesting, intense and violent.

The Fist of Honor, which is known for its large amount of “alt” leagues and for being an opportunist during the downfall of the Throne of Kings, decided to pick a fight it may of not been truly ready to enter.

For months, minor battles have been fought between the rapidly rising Legacy league, known for its rallying skills and its no hold bars raiding tactics, and the Fist of Honor. Until recently, these minor battles have been isolated between a few younger lords. That is, until FoH decided to give Legacy an ultimatum.

Fist of Honor informed Legacy, that all hostilities were to cease immediately or FoH would burn Legacy’s keeps to the ground and pillage its lands, yet FoH was unable to keep its members in line during the agreed upon cease fire, in which Legacy honored. FoH sent numerous fireballs and fake raids at members throughout the lands of Legacy.

No further response was required by Legacy, they were scorned, and a silent beast, which has remained out of the Balkan wars erupted in a fury of chaos. The true might of Legacy was unleashed.

The attacks came swift and violent, smashing through the ranks of Fist of Honor, the battles were almost entirely one sided. The images our scroll masters were able to capture are so numerous they could not all possibly be placed here. Yet a telling story they show none the less.

Gallieo a member of Legacy struck fast and hard, quickly striking one of the more prominent members in the Fist of Honor, Faramir, doing serious damage to his troops stationed in Sapphire mine 7.

Gallieo Siege

Black Tiamat, the Marshal of Legacy was not sitting idle, a detachment of his forces was deployed and once on the move, the story was already written, death and destruction was coming. Crowe’s forces were entirely caught off guard, as seen below with the destruction of his offense sitting defenseless in his castle grounds.

Black T Raid

Spoils of war

Spoils of war

Although Legacy was clearly on the move, members of FoH continued to make vital mistakes. Another large force was entirely wiped out, defense and offense together in one massive hit, which resulted in a violent bloodbath, at Gooners expense


Spoils of war

Crippled by these actions, FoH attempted to call in a number of allies to their cause, as the losses mounted. Legacy stated that they had no qualms with these lords and that the battle was between themselves and FoH, respectfully requesting that the matter be left between the two parties.

It has remained this way, and FoH has been slow to react in regards to their next move. Although some of their members have acted, the attacks have been largely fake, resulting in many pikemen being sent to their early graves.

Two major attacks, which were sent by Fist of Honor’s member, Dragonbo, resulted in a crippling defeat at the hands of Legacy forces.

Spoils of war

Spoils of war

Spoils of war

Despite this loss and numerous others, Fist of Honor cannot be counted out of the battle yet, their numbers are roughly five times that of Legacy’s and it will be a while yet before their troops are spent.

One thing is clear, this battle is far from over. Hostilities are still raging as we speak, dragons are in the air and knights on their steeds. The steady beat of the drums of war continues on and the Stormfall Chronicle continues to report.

Be safe citizens of Stormfall!!


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