A Cold War is Ignited Across the Realm

March 2015, Third edition

Citizens of Stormfall, you may be resting easy for the time being, for all is quiet across the realm. Yet, don’t let this fool you, for all is not what it seems.

The greatest beacon war this realm has ever seen ripped asunder the once mighty Throne of Kings. Although still in existence, they are greatly reduced in power and influence. As we reported last week, their ranks were shattered and their lands have been seized.

The influx of leagues who have moved into the North Eastern part of the realm have multiplied their defenses and raised their beacons to new heights. With each day passing, the citizens who occupy those lands, adjust more and more to their new masters.

The Bilskirnir league is one of the rapid risers in the region. Having taken beacon 72 and 97, they rapidly raised the levels of their beacons and thus their defenses in the process, gaining a significant foothold on the map.

Bilk Rise beacon

Yet, as you can see, the Throne of Kings stronghold in the heart of the area still holds steady. Rumors are, their forces have rallied behind their walls and barred the gates, significantly securing their two remaining positions.

Although hostilities have died down, soldiers continue to sharpen their blades and archers continue to fletch their arrows, for not all is well.

A cold war of monumental proportions has been rapidly brewing behind the scenes. Great lords have entered in a clash of words and posturing runs a muck as two of the remaining members of the once unified “Alliance” enter into a period of great uncertainty.

Rumors have surfaced, that the Knights Templar, a league that benefited greatly in ranking from the Destiny and King of Kings beacon war, may of played a part in instigating a multitude of various leagues into attacking and taking the Throne of Kings territory.

Whether or not this is true cannot be confirmed, but the ramifications cannot be denied. The Knights of Camelot and The Knights Templar, once powerful Alliance members are at odds. Spies have been sent and a war of words has begun.


The past few weeks have seen an escalation in force that has the potential to rip the realm in half. Firepower and banners are being called on both sides. New partnerships and alliances are being formed.

The Knights Templar was the first to act, calling a great meeting of leagues, in which they called for the change they believe the realm needs, a dethroning of the Knights of Camelot from the number one position.

This meeting, in which KoC rapidly learned of, told them all they needed to know. There was no turning back, The Knights Templar disdain for them could no longer be hidden.

The meeting was met with mixed results, with some leagues preferring to stay on the sidelines and others stating that they would join the “cause”. Of special note were the Fist of Honor and the DaM Empire, both which have been reported to be taking sides with KT.

On the other side of the coin was The Knights of Camelot, who held no great meeting, but reached out to those they could trust. Calling on an old friends, they were assured by King of Kings and We Are Romania that they would have their support.

A number of power leagues that have yet to make their positions fully known are Destiny, which still holds significant power, even after the beacon wars and Legacy, a rapidly rising league that has quickly gained respect across the realm.

Despite the waters still being muddy, a line in the sand has been drawn, the pot is boiling over and it is only a matter of time before the first sword is drawn. Prepare yourselves citizens of Stormfall, for if this war erupts, there will be no place to hide.

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