The Collapse of the Second Most Powerful League on the Realm

The beacon wars rage on – March 2015, Second edition

Welcome back once again Denizens of Stormfall to the second edition of the Stormfall Chronicle. In last week’s report, we discussed how the previously unbreakable Alliance was split in half, sides were drawn and a battle that is still having ramifications across the realm erupted. The Chronicle received a wave of support and praise for the reporting of this news. Citizens of all walks of life have been able to clearly see the big picture for the first time ever, no longer kept in the dark by their masters. Therefore, it is my great pleasure to continue to bring you the news that matters.

The war has continued on and has in fact intensified. The most recent victim being a league that once held the honor of holding the second highest ranking across the realm, Throne of Kings, which was previously known as Kings of Camelot. The reasoning for this name change, we are told, was to make their own path and shape their own future. They were too often lumped into and thought of as the same league as Knights of Camelot, the league which did and still does hold the top ranking in the realm. Despite this change in name, there was no ill will between the two leagues, as both were steadfast allies in the partnership I discussed in last week’s article, the “Alliance”.

Unfortunately for the Throne of Kings, their time under their new banners was almost snuffed short, as the beacon wars which have engulfed the realm came to their very doorstep. Lands previously and long held by the Throne of Kings league have fallen into chaos. Balur himself could not of done a better job himself of spreading a wave of destruction and carnage.

SF chronicle 2015 Marchm P2 1

The previous image gives you a clear picture of how truly chaotic the lands of ToK have become. Previously, Throne of Kings held almost the entirety of the North Eastern map. Now, as you can see, that has changed in a drastic way. ToK, as stated, was always a proud member of the Alliance, therefore it came as no surprise that they would be entering the war against Destiny, when an agreement could not be reached and sides were drawn. This resulted in a series of battles which saw ToK seize a number of beacons held by Destiny. A retaliation was expected for these actions and the lands were not expected to be held.

Unfortunately, what came next, Throne of Kings was not prepared for. A series of what many would consider “smaller” leagues entered into the fray, some in partnership with Destiny, some simply monopolizing on the Chaos erupting in that part of the realm. This alone Throne of King could of eventually handled, but unfortunately it was struck at the same time by a collapsing leadership and a Marshal who was mysteriously missing.

The remaining members battled on, fighting for their lives in a strategic retreat, but the damage was done. Morale was rapidly fading among the soldiers in the front lines. Once loyal soldiers threw down their Tabards, suspicions ran a muck and mass demotion of ranks and privileges occurred within the remaining members. ToK knew there was a spy in their midst and intended to weed them out.

At this time, chaos is still raging in the North East. Balurs foothold undoubtedly grows stronger and leagues of various reputations now hold great swaths of land. Most notable Knights Templar and Fist of Honor, who gained the most from the conflict, rising rapidly in rank


This has led to much wild speculation as to if Destiny acted alone or if there was someone else involved, someone more powerful behind the scenes, manipulating what we have seen unfold. One thing is for certain. Another great change is coming to the realm. One even bigger than all the previous battles fought thus far in this, the greatest war ever seen in the realm. But that is a story for next week’s edition.

Until then, be safe, and keep those catacombs in good repair. Something tells me, we’ll be needing them.

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