The Beacon that Sparked the Greatest War This Realm Has Ever Seen

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The Alliance Fractures – March 2015, first edition

Welcome, kings, lords, soldiers and peasants to the first edition of the Stormfall Chronicle. Your source for historical, ongoing and developing news from across the realm of Stormfall.

Each week, the latest news from across the realm will be gathered, compiled and presented here for all citizens to read. No longer will you be kept in the dark, no matter your station. The Stormfall Chronicle is for the people, by the people.

With that, it gives me great joy to usher in this new era of knowledge. Yet not all is to be rejoiced. For although this a time of great advancement and prosperity, it is also a time for mourning, fear, deceit and corruption.

Not since Balur the Dark God reemerged has the realm been in such turmoil. The once steadfast partnership known as the “Alliance” erupted into chaos over what lesser lords would see as a minor disagreement. Yet none the less, this matter could not be resolved with words, resulting in some of the largest battles ever seen in the realm’s history.

The disagreement in question was between two great leagues, known as the King of Kings and Destiny. The spark that ignited this chain of events was the rise of beacon #123. Both sides claimed the right of ownership to this beacon, as it bordered both leagues area of influence, yet a beacon can have but one owner.

An understanding between these previously friendly leagues could not be reached and the dogs of war were unleashed. The sounds of battle could soon be heard across the realm, as lines in the sand were drawn and fellow leagues of all various origins rallied their Bannermen, preparing for the epic battle that was to come.

It has been reported that Destiny was the first to strike, although within the day, serious losses were suffered on their side, as their previously claimed land was lost to the combined forces of the remaining members of the Alliance.

sf chronnicle march 2015

At this point, it had become incredibly clear to all that Destiny was out of the “fold” and on their own. The remaining members of the Alliance would be siding with King of Kings and not them.

For a time, Destiny put up a valiant fight, mounting retaliations of their own and gaining back portions of their lost lands. Yet, it was only a matter of time before The Knights of Camelot cut a line across the lands of Destiny, forcing them into a strategic retreat.

SF chronicle 2015 March

Once the dust settled, their enemies in which the initial dispute had arisen with, King of Kings, held a large number previously Destiny held beacons, yet not beacon 123, the beacon that sparked the conflict.

Fortunately for Destiny, they would live to fight another day, despite the crippling losses and attack on their lands and people, the war would go on. This powerful league still had a few tricks up their sleeve.

Adopting another strategy, an arms race began of epic proportions. Destiny reached out to its remaining friends. Friends that would rally to their side and take the fight to the lands of their enemies.

Last words

The outcome of which would result in the upheaval of an entire area of the map and a potentially fatal blow being dealt to one of the most power leagues in the realm’s history, an outcome that is the topic of next week’s edition of the Stormfall Chronicle.

Be safe great Lords and serfs alike, for by the end, this war will have left its mark on all.

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