How has Stormfall: Rise of Balur changed your life?

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Vladyslav Korotych

Stormfall: Rise of Balur has made it possible for me to make friends from around the world. I’ve been playing with some of these guys for over two years now. 

We even ship each other presents by post from time to time. I received a portrait here in Europe that had been painted by our Marshal in the U.S. 

Soon I will visit the Netherlands to meet up with another League Member for the first time. Maybe one day we will even go to Africa to visit one of our Captains … All that to say, none of us would have even met if we didn't all play this game.

Randolf Hench

I’ve made friends in the game but my wife and I are primarily focused on strategizing, coming up with ideas, overcoming obstacles. You can't apply anything you learn in this game to the real world though, right? Wrong! 

It challenges your brain, changes the way you think, and teaches you new ways to learn. In the real world my wife and I manage thanks to our newly-learned way of strategizing and organizing our lives. It used to be super stressful and disorganized, but now everything is planned out, organized, and we work as a team every day.

I hope to pass on what I’ve learned to my kids, not the stress and chaos that once resulted from trying to balance too many things. Thank you, Stormfall, and thank you, Plarium, for creating such a clever game!


Where to begin? Stormfall: Rise of Balur has made a massive impact on my life. It helped to distract me away from some of the harmful activities I indulged in while going through a particular rough patch in my life. 

My League Members and other League Members I've met online have given me great life advice and have been there around the clock when I needed them. There's always been someone there to listen when I needed to unburden myself. I’ve been able to talk to these guys about things I wouldn’t have been able to talk to my own family about. 

I want to say thanks to my League Members and all the other players I’ve talked to online for all their support. You all know who you are! 

Stormfall replaced things like drinking and drugs, allowing me to build a relationship with my son. We actually have common ground to discuss now - Stormfall! He's always checking up on what I’m doing there, what my League is up to or the upgrades I’m getting. 

I'm really grateful for that.

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