11 reasons why you should be completing League Quests

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A relatively new feature in Stormfall, League Quests were introduced a few weeks ago, and players have already started raking in the benefits. League Quests are based on a principle of teamwork. If some players contribute to the Quest, then the League gets basic rewards – nothing noteworthy. But if everyone in the League contributes, then all players are rewarded and receive a much greater Quest Chest.

If you're not yet convinced, here are 11 reasons why you should work together in a League and not play solo:

o   Playing together raises team spirit and is a great way to unite all your League members with one common goal.

o   League Marshals can monitor the activity of their warriors on a daily basis to determine who is pulling their weight and who is not.

o   The Stormfall world includes hundreds of thousands of players who each have different preferences, tactics and strengths – and with this system they can choose to partake in the Quests that best suit each one individually.

o   Players receive Resources, Units and Boosts that are rewards for these Quests for free. Players can then use these to make the League stronger and stronger every day.

o   Quest rewards are shared evenly between everyone in the League, even with players who were dormant during the Quest.

o   Rewards are received in the form of Quest Chests, which can be claimed from the Black Market for maximal convenience.

o   League Quests are not issued to everyone. If there is an active PvP Quest, Global Quest or Promotion, then that player won't be able to take part in the Quest. If the global event finishes or the Challenge comes to an end, and the Quest is still active, then the Quest will suddenly become visible to that player and he/she can take part for the remaining time.

o   Every League member gets a Quest Chest and when you multiply the reward by the number of League Members – the rewards are extremely worthwhile.

o   When the Quest Chest in opened, the various rewards are immediately sent to their respective places. This might seem unusual at first, but you only have to begin opening your prizes to reap the immense prizes and benefits.

o   All good things come to an end and Quests Chests don't last forever. They expire after 3 days and can be claimed from the 'Misc' tab of your Black Market.

o   Some League Quests require that certain sacrifices be made. Consult with the League Management  to make difficult strategic choices with regards to putting their armies at risk for a chance at the biggest rewards or playing it safe but missing out.

League Quests

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