League Attack in Stormfall

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League attack is a new feature in the game that allows a Marshall, Captain, Commander or Fighter to use offensive forces of his own plus the ones of up to 2 other members in his League.   

League Attack works as follows:

1. The participants in the attack MUST belong to the same League
2. The participants must send Offense troops as Reinforcements to the person sending the Attack, this person MUST be at least a Fighter in the League.
3. Offense troops at the castle of the person who will launch the attack CAN'T be sent to Catacombs, therefore are vulnerable if not sent to raid immediately.
4. Once you have the troops, select the target and click Raid or Capture as you normally do
5. You have to click the League Attack red button, and activate the participants in the raid (Maximum 2)
6. After activating you will be directed to the usual page where you select the units you are sending to the attack: the difference is that you will have all 3 armies together. For example, if you have 20 Dragons, team member 1 sent 10 Dragons and team member 2 sent 5 Dragons, you will be able to select all 35 Dragons to the attack. After selecting the units click send as you normally would.


1. You can send a very strong attack within an hour. It takes one hour for your League members to send you their offense no matter your position in the map.
2. Experience points and resources as well as losses will be proportional to the units each member provided.
3. You can always upgrade the rank of any player to Fighter, so you can select whoever is closest to the target and send your 2 strongest offense. 
4. Once the attack is finished, troops need to be sent home or they will remain at the beacon or settlement reinforcing as defenses.


1. While Troops are in another Castle they will be extremely vulnerable.
2. The time for your army to get back to your castle is exactly the same time it would take you to attack the target directly.
3. You must be around when your army gets back in order to secure it in catacombs. 

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