The First Victim is Claimed

The Coralition is no more! Yet, a new, even more powerful alliance appears to have formed and their first victim is targeted. Will the realm ever be the same?

A New Power Alliance Emerges?

We at the Chronicle have written recently about some major changes that have taken place within this great realm known as Stormfall. We, along with many others, have noticed the alliance changes taking place amongst some of the most powerful leagues within this vast land.

We have also highlighted the end of the Coralition as a power block and many of the NAP's that came along with it. This is not to say that all peace treaties that existed under that structure have been eradicated; no, in fact many still exist to this day.

Regardless, this change has understandably set many leagues not in the greatest standing with the former Coraltion on edge, and has paranoia running amok. This fact was highlighted when Anarchy became allies with both Destiny and The Republic Atredies in one day.

Now, we have seen the consequences of these actions come to fruition. A new alliance has been potentially formed and the first victim has had destruction rain down upon them. Unfortunately for the Unforgiven Knights, this was them.

In a vast co-ordinated effort, a large number of leagues under this speculative new alliance organized their troops and launched a series of strategic attacks upon the Unforgiven Knights’ seats of power.

Softening blows rained down in volume upon their defenders.

Fail to Take UK 408

KoK Softens 408

KoK Softens 408 2

Softening Beacon 408

The attacks seen above were but a small fraction of the forces that were seen marching on the horizon and soaring through the skies. The rain of terror continued on, while the defenders talked amongst each other, attempting to figure out the best course of action in this surprise attack.

UK Chat Takedowns

Unfortunately for the Unforgiven Knights, little could be done in time, and the attacks never ceased long enough for them to rally their forces. Quickly, the targeted beacons began to fall one after the other.

Anarchy Takes 408 UK

UK Loses Beacon 352

UK Loses Beacon 407

UK Loses Beacon 408

Those leagues seen involved in the action were Destiny, Anarchy, The Republic Atredies, the Guardians of Avalon, The Knights of Camelot and the leagues underneath the King of Kings banner. 

If this is any indication of a new power alliance that has been formed, then it is a formidable collection of leagues indeed. Although this is yet to be confirmed, the above images cannot be denied and the results should not be dismissed. The future will surely reveal all, soon enough...

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