The Battle for Dominance

New beacons have burst forth from the heart of the earth in the south and with them come Balur’s minions. Leagues race to take ownership, but find themselves at odds with one another. Who will assert their dominance, who will be defeated?

Beacons in the South

With a deafening roar of breaking earth and a storm of dirt, new beacons have once again broken through the crust of this land and graced us with their presence.

Of course, as is typical, they did not come alone. Fortifying them were Balur’s minions, who live in the deeps of the realm and guard these seats of power against the might of men. Thankfully, their strength once again failed them and they were quickly sent scurrying back to the underworld from which they came.

Brave leagues could be seen riding forth in the South-West and Southern lands. The beacons, shocking many, once again did not rise in a complete ring around the realm, but rather in the locations just mentioned.

This dismayed many, as they were prepared for their chance to expand their influence, might and power. The beacons can grant their owners the chance to darken their troops and thus increase the overall strength of their armies. 

Although many leagues did not seek to expand their borders, others did. Numerous leagues were seen battling over the newly risen beacons and at first glance you could see the large amount of leagues taking part in the action.

New Beacons South West

New Beacons West

Some of these leagues, although quick to act, were far from being safe. As history has shown, battles erupt on new beacon days and this event was no different.

Great attacks were launched all over. Anarchy battled back those seeking to encroach upon their lands, while the Knights Templar and the Legion Latina did the same in their territories.


Blood Moons Fail 430 New Beacons

Blood Moons Fail 430 New Beacons 2

KT Takes Integrity Raiders Beacon 423

New Beacons Anarchy Takes 430

New Beacons Fail 421

New Beacons KT Takes 421 Paladins

As can be seen from the images above, great battles erupted over the ownership of these new beacons. The Knights Templar, who had many leagues moved into their vast lands, had to fight more battles than any other.

For a short time, this mass encroachment upon their lands even caused them to temporarily lose their long held number one league position. Destiny moved in, proudly taking this spot.

New Beacons KT1 Loses First Place

New Beacons Destiny Moves 1

Although these battles were fierce and bloody, they were not destined to last long. In a few short days, leagues who previously claimed dominance over their area once again asserted their might and moved their forces into position.

Anarchy Moves New Beacons

It is hard to tell whether the fighting is truly over, but has settled for now none the less. The next wave of beacons to spawns will only be months away and those who did not take part in the last battles will have their day in the sun. In the meanwhile they sharpen their blades and prepare for coming wars.

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