Coralition Ravages Knights Templar 2

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by NM

Decapitated heads upon spears, mangled bodies scattered along the road, blood in the streets. Since when did this become a common sight in Stormfall, since when did man turn on man in such a gruesome and disgusting way? Since the Beacon Wars began.

The carnage that has erupted across the realm must have Balur laughing in his lair, his minions can sleep easy knowing that the realm of men does their foul deeds for them, saving their strength for the moment when we have crippled ourselves and are ripe for the taking.

Yet pockets of strength remain. The Beacon Wars have shown this, as a great host of men march out to their dooms in the name of their respective sides. The Knights Templar and the Coralition made up of the King of Kings, The Knights of Camelot, Destiny and The Fist of Honor.

This past week saw another flexing of the awesome power that the Coralition alliance possesses. The targets? The Knights Templar 2, the secondary division of KT and a respectable force upon themselves.

Unfortunately for KT2, their strength was no match for the combined, organized might of the Coralition. A series of blows fell upon their inner beacons and the lands surrounding them, the Coralition sent waves of troops to test KT2's defenses, to better gain knowledge of what they and their troops were facing.

Once enough intelligence was gathered on the enemy they faced, they sprung from their positions and charged the opposition in their keeps.

First, a wave of softening blows was sent by the new alliance, provided by the King of Kings in this instance.

KoK Soft blow 90

As seen in the image above, that the Stormfall Chronicle obtained, this softening blow sent by the King of Kings inflicted serious damage in its own right, but the main reserve was yet to come.

Forces carrying the Destiny Banner quickly scaled the already crippled walls of the Knights Templar 2, seizing beacon 90 and casting aside the previous Lords standard.

Destiny Beacon 90

The carnage seen in the above image would be enough to make any grown man cringe, yet the night was not done, quickly abandoning the newly claimed keep, the forces made a night march in double time and surprised the enemy before the news could reach them in neighboring lands.

Using similar tactics, a series of softening attacks were initiated, followed by the hammer of Destiny, which wiped aside the defenders of The Knights Templar 2 once again.

Destiny Takes KT2

Blood ran thick that night as the crippled gates of these once strong bastions lay in ruin and the once proud defenders who stood vigilant for so long finally got their long deserved rest, but at what cost? Many widows were made and many fathers were lost as whole divisions of soldiers were wiped off the map.

Yet, the fighting did not stop with the destruction of these two strongholds, long into the night forces on both sides battled, the reports piled in so quickly that the Chronicle was scarely done investigating one, when another would arise.

KT2 Beacons Hit

Following these events, it is unlikely that you have not been affected in some shape or form from this madness that is unfolding. The lands are in turmoil, with no end in sight! We call on Lords of this land to cease this madness before it claims us all and takes us to our doom.

Sadly for many, it's already too late, there is no going back!

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