The Coralition and The Knights Templar Clash

Take shelter citizens of Stormfall!

As speculated in last week's Chronicle, the war of words between the newly formed power alliance, the "Coralition" and the scorned Knights Templar league erupted in a violent, bloody war that literally set the lands across our realm aflame.

What began with a war of words, that was the talk of the realm and could be read by all on the public forums quickly escalated into a display of arms between the new alliance and KT, sorcerers sent great balls of flame to set entire cities on fire, while dragons flew to rivals keeps to finish the job, blades were sharpened and arrows were fletched.

The great lords of the realm knew it was only a matter of time before their bastions of power and the source of their dark essence would be called into question, they knew that the Beacon Wars were returning, it was only a matter of time and a question of who would strike first.

The wait didn't last long, deciding to preemptively strike out, the Coralition seized the moment and gathered its great leaders in one place to discuss their battle plans and decide who would be attacking what and when.

The plans were formed, all that remained was to gather their forces and march on the lands of The Knights Templar, not a task to be taken lightly, given the reputation of many of their heroes and their willingness to meet steel with steel.

Learning of this knowledge, The Knights Templar quickly formed a plan of their own, they withdrew the majority of their forces and began fortifying three of their beacons into "unbreachable" bastions. Hoping to surprise the enemy forces.

The trap was set, unfortunately for The Knight Templar, this plan was also leaked to the Coralition, showing just how deeply the network of spies runs on both sides of the battlefield.

Knowing where to hit, the Coralition struck out in rapid accession, quickly toppling a total of ten Knights Templar beacons, leaving a path of devastation in which the lands of KT were greatly diminished.


Once again, harkening back to the days of the collapse of The Throne of Kings league, smaller leagues quickly took advantage of the opened up landscape and moved their forces into the vacant lands, quickly fortifying their new strongholds.

Despite this slight, The Knights Templar was not finished, the reports came in fast and furious to the Stormfall Chronicle as the map was lit up with a sea of red, showing how severe the fighting truly was.

Beacon Wars2 KT

In addition to attempting to reclaim their quickly crumbling beacons, The Knights Templar devised a strategy of confusion, in which they sent wave after wave of single Kamakazi units to their doom, the intention of this appears to of been to flood their attackers battle reports.

The King of Kings league, a member of the newly formed Coralition was one of the leagues on the receiving end of this strategy.

KT Spam Attacks KoK

In the end, these attacks were all for nothing and the soldiers sent to their dooms died in vain. The Knights Templars lands were torn asunder, and the newly formed Coralition made up of The Knights of Camelot, The King of Kings, The Fist of Honor and Destiny had won the day.

Yet if the history of Stormfall has taught us anything, it's that a war is not won in a single battle. Rest assured The Knights Templar are devising their plan of retaliation as you read this article, the moment of peace these lands temporarily had will soon will be but a fleeting memory, the second great Beacon Wars is here and it's going to get ugly.


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