A New Power Alliance is Formed

Are we entering into a new era of peace across the lands of Stormfall or are we about to see new battles of epic proportions, that will make the "Beacon Wars" look like child's play? I believe we won't have long to wait citizens of Stormfall.

Ever since the death of the old alliance that dominated the realm, which consisted of The Knights Templar, The Knights of Camelot, the Throne of Kings and Destiny, a void has existed. All people, from far and wide across the lands know now about how the previous alliance ended and the destruction that this caused.

The ramifications of this last alliance are still being felt as tremors across the lands, scorched earth where dragons fire has touched has devastated many a lands and trampled fields where soldiers marched to their dooms can still be seen from many a window. 

Yet a short moment of peace has existed for the past month, in which the Beacon wars have come to a cease fire and despite minor conflicts here and there, the land has breathed easy.

Unfortunately, this may be about to change. Due to a series of events a new conflict is on the horizon. One that may end in the destruction of a league.

The sides are very different from what citizens have known in the past, recent conflicts and disputes have found The Knights Templar at odds with a number of their previous steadfast allies, The Fist of Honor and the Destiny Leagues.

The details of this falling out are unknown exactly, but it is known that the argument began with beacon 129 and the ownership of it. Many promises were made and many more were broken.

Beacon 129

This could not of come at a worse time for the The Knights Templar, as disputes once again were flaring up with their once previous allies, turned enemies, The Knights of Camelot and the King of Kings leagues.

The results of these conflicts are now well known, as DJMoody, a captain from the King of Kings league made the announcement official recently. A new power alliance has been formed and it is known as the "Coralition".

Dj Moody


What this new alliance means for the realm is yet to be seen, will the power wielded by these mighty clans be enough to instill an everlasting peace across the realm or will the Knights Templar boldly attempt to engage the Coralition? 

The answers to these questions are unknown, but the Chronicle will be there to report every step of the way.

Stay tuned and be safe Stormfall, we have a feeling this isn't over yet.

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