An Old Master Returns Home

Citizens of Stormfall, we return to a story that began to unfold last week and has left many of you wondering of its conclusion. The story I speak of is the battle for beacon 12 and the chaos that ensued around its collapse.

As we shared last week, the Legacy league took and captured beacon 12 from DaM Shield, the defensive division of the DaM Empire, although this was short lived, as Legacy had no intentions of fortifying and holding the beacon. DaM Nations, the main branch of the Empire, retook what was theirs, but for how long?

Their victory and celebrations were scarcely begun, the wine was just being poured and soldiers still in their armor. The rumbling of siege engines could be heard in the distance and the ground beneath their feet began to shake. Thinking Legacy was returning, the soldiers of DaM Nations ran to the ramparts, but Legacy was not the banner they saw, no this was someone entirely different.

The trumpets of the Knights of Camelot could be heard in the air and their banners flowed freely in the wind. KoC had come to retake what was originally theirs before the Beacon Wars began. They had come for beacon 12.

Arrows rained down and a battle ensued. The victor, KoC evicted the short lived masters of beacon 12, the Chronicle was able to obtain an image of the battle and its report:

Beacon12  DaM O Loss

Beacon12 DaM O Loss 2

As can be seen from the images above, DaM's victory was truly short lived. The offensive soldiers of the DaM Empire were completely caught off guard and made easy slaughter of by the troops of KoC.

Yet, this was not the end, the fighting for beacon 12 was far from over. A rapid series of battles commenced throughout the day, with various divisions of the DaM Empire striking and attempting to retake beacon 12. The results of which were bloody to say the least:

Bard Fail Retake Beacon12

KoC Stopping Beacon 12

The first image above, in which the Chronicle was able to obtain, shows a failed attempt by DaM Shields member, Bard, who lost a significant force attempting to retake the beacon from KoC. The second image shows KoC stopping a large force of Great Western Dragons and Wyverns.

Although the losses were mounting for DaM, they did manage to resieze beacon 12 for a short period of time, unfortunately for them, this resulted in another bloody loss when KoC promptly retook the fortification:

Beacon 12 Shield Loss KoC

When the battle was over, the reports that came flooding in were truly staggering. The fighting for beacon 12 had been a messy one and unfortunately for those waiting back home, many soldiers would never return, having met their doom.

Beacon12 war

This is just yet another sad tale from our war torn lands. Yet, it is the Chronicles duty to report and continue to inform the citizens of this great land, no matter how gruesome or grotesque it may be. Sadly, this will not be the last battle seen in these lands. The rumbles of another major war can be heard in the distance...

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