Tensions Erupt Between Anarchy and The Fellowship

The Chronicle are written based on the results in Server 1

The Fellowship, attracting many former Knights Templar members, has earned a new enemy: Anarchy. Tensions flare between these two leagues as all-out war looms on the horizon.

New Colors, Old Hatreds

No one should be surprised, no one should be shocked. Tensions for months have been brewing between the Fellowship and Anarchy. It was only a matter of time before it resulted in blood.

Fellowship, which has been reported on in the past in the Chronicles, has been attracting a large number of former Knights Templar members. These members are those who have been wishing change, or who have simply become disgruntled with the current leadership in the Knights Templar.

Regardless of why they left, they now reside in the Fellowship and wear that Tabard proudly. Although a change in colors has happened, many of the resentments against their enemy, Anarchy, still exist.

Unable to shake much of their hate, due to the constant attacks, they have received from the ranks of Anarchy over the past half year, these members have brought this mentality into the Fellowship and thus it was inevitable that war would erupt between these two leagues.

This is exactly what has occurred. Minor scuffles began between the two leagues, these scuffles quickly turned into more and more major battles and have now erupted into full blown war. The Fellowship was the first to declare war and called for an open season on Anarchy, who was more than happy to respond in kind.

Over the course of the last few week's battles untold have taken place, the Chronicle has been able to capture just a few of these, a sample of which is presented below:

Anarchy Hits DaM Fellowship

Anarchy Hits DaM Fellowship

Anarchy Hits Fellowship

Anarchy Hits Fellowship

DaM Fellowship Fails Anarchy

Fellowship fails to Break Anarchy Siege

In typical Anarchy style, they targeted the Fellowship and all their sub-leagues, leaving no stone unturned. These attacks prompted a message from the Marshal of Fellowship of DaM, calling on his members to be careful and to return attacks when able to.

DaM Fellowship Prepares Anarchy

Tychi, one of the Captains from Anarchy is mentioned in the message above. This member was a one man wrecking crew in the recent battles against Fellowship and was seen ransacking and sieging many of his enemies castles.

After attacking his victims, he would temporarily set up camp and station a large division of defense troops on location, repelling fellowship attacks as they attempted to save their brethren.

Anarchy Sieges Fellowship They Fail to break

For these actions, he suffered many personal attacks himself, all of which he repelled, but at a cost to some of his defense. Even more fireballs were launched towards his location, as the night sky was turned bright with flames.

Finally, wishing to inflict a more serious blow, a few members from within the Anarchy league attacked a number of Fellowship beacons.

Anarchy Takes Beacon 135 Fellowship

Anarchy Takes Beacon 170 166 Fellowship

To this very day both sides have continued their personal war on each other, escalating attacks and precipitating some devastating battles for both sides. 

The personal feud between many of these former KT members and the ranks of Anarchy truly does run deep. Yet, hopefully for us all, the past can be forgotten and eventually we can move on, for the good of the entire realm and the safety of all.

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