Grand Accusations Are Made

War, war is always around the next corner. The realm has faced difficult times in the past few years and this day and age is no different. Although no major event seems to be embroiling the realm, the tension in the air could be cut with a knife it is so thick.

All over the realm, the Chronicle has written about how various leagues stand on the cusp of war. This week, we bring you another such story. The Fellowship of DaM is preparing for battle. Whether or not this includes their parent and sister leagues is yet to be learned, but one thing is for sure: there soon will be bloodshed.

Attacks have been buffeting their members for days, launched by the well-known aggressive league the Beacon Raiders. This has put the leadership of the Fellowship on edge, as is apparent in their Marshal’s most recent message sent out to his forces.

The Fellowship of DaM

This message tells us much of the current mindset of the Fellowship of DaM and their train of thought. The Marshal of this league is one of the key members of the leadership of the entire Fellowship family and thus it must be taken seriously.

What he is alluding to here cannot be hidden. The Fellowship of DaM believes that the Beacon Raiders are being sent in to attack their league at the behest of Destiny, the top league within the realm. What is even more startling is the call for preparations for war on his part, not only against the Beacon Raiders, but against Destiny as well.

What does this mean? Does the Marshal of FoD have the backing of the entire Fellowship family, or is he acting out on his own? FoD undoubtedly would not be able to take on Destiny by themselves and the Marshal of this league should know this, so does this imply that he has a greater backing from his brother and sister leagues in the battles to come?

The answers to these questions are unknown, and may never be known, until the day that action is taken. Whether this was a slip of the tongue, or a foreshadowing of grander events to come, we may soon learn. War once again is just around the corner, rest while you can.

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