Dreams of Expansion Turn to Horrors Untold

The Chronicle are written based on the results in Server 1

The Sultans, an expanding and budding league, wish to grow more. The Wise Lords, their neighbors, wish to live in relative peace, yet peace is not in store: a battle of epic proportions is brewing.

Neighbors Clash

Unbeknownst and unaware, the Wise Lords carried on with their daily task, completing league activities and enjoying their lives in their small pocket of the realm, yet with a crashing halt this was all soon to be interrupted.

War was coming to their very doorstep. The citizens of the Wise Lords had few known enemies and were expecting no attacks, since they possessed only a small plot of land surrounding beacon 168. They thought themselves an unlikely target, yet this did not stop them from preparing for the unlikely and their walls were still heavily manned.

Underestimating this were the Sultan Saladin, a collection of stout warriors who had the dream of expanding their lands which currently consist of three beacons connected together. Unfortunately for the Wise Lords, these dreams of expansion and the location of these two leagues beacons was a recipe for disaster.

Sending a league-wide message out to their members, the Sultans asked for all their members to send forces to key members within the league, attack points were being set up and the armies of the Sultan would soon march into the night. The target, unknown.

But unknown it would not remain for long, after a short few days of preparation the move was on and the dreams of expansion could be seen in the lords’ eyes who led their men into battle. On the horizon lay the sole seat of power, the Wise Lords beacon 168, the Sultans destination.

Sultans Fail Wise Lords

The troops came in great waves, smashing into the Wise Lords walls, they thought they had the element of surprise and they did, yet what they did not expect was the truly stunning amount of defenders who lay in wait behind the walls. 

Attack after attack rained down on the Sultans, yet the attackers were making little progress, the dream of expansion quickly turned into a full blown nightmare as the attacking forces of the Sultans were shredded to pieces, unable to penetrate the strong defenses of the Wise Lords.

The attacking forces were broken and scattered to the wind, and a full retreat was ordered. The masters of the Sultan Saladin suffered a major defeat and one that would not be taken lightly by the rank and file troops within their league.

Taking to the public forums, one key member of the Sultans posted the attacks on the Wise Lords and vented his frustration with the fact that they were unable to dent the defenders walls.

Sultans Fail Wise lords

This huge collection of battle reports shows the stunning defeat that fell upon the attackers and the overwhelming victory that the defenders enjoyed.

For now, the dreams of expansion of the Sultans have been put on hold. First, they must recover and recoup from their losses. Whether or not this will be the last attempt by them to expand their lands is yet to be known, but what is certain is that they will not take the Wise Lords and their small lands for granted ever again.

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