Chaos Returns to the Lands of Destiny

You thought they were finished? You thought they were over? Alas, you could not be further from the truth: the Beacon Wars continue to rage on. Soldiers across the land are war-weary, yet defiant. We hear the grieving on every street we walk down, we hear the pain, we hear the suffering of the wounded, yet the Beacon Wars rage on.
This time, the Stormfall Chronicle reports on a new battle in a land we previously visited in the first Beacon Wars. The lands of the clan of Destiny have seen much warfare, and just recently a new wave of destruction tore through them.
The Knights Templar, after finishing their attacks in the lands of the King of Kings, marched home to rest their wounded and gather their strength. Yet this rest did not last long. Quickly the rally call went out to the troops again. A call of arms was made by Dark Knight and the forces of the Knights Templar were mobilized.

KT Calling Hits Coralition

Dragons soared, knights rode at the vanguard of vast armies and behind them foot soldiers plodded on. The lands of Destiny were on the direct opposite side of the map of those marching forth, but on they went. The attacks came quickly and fiercely.
Attacking the outer beacons held by Destiny, the Knights Templar threw their weight against the gates of the defenders and one after another Beacons began to fall.
One such beacon that saw heavy action was beacon #94, which the Chronicle was able to obtain images of. A sample can be seen below:

KT Takes Destiny Beacon 94 Softening

KT Takes Destiny Beacon 94

The first image above shows a preliminary strike that the Knights Templar launched to soften up the enemy; following this, we see the finishing blow on Beacon #94. The losses were monumental on both sides. The defenders were seen to put up a valiant effort, taking many of the attackers to the grave alongside them.
Battles such as these were seen across the entirety of Destiny’s lands, yet as the forces of The Knights Templar continued to push inward, a portion of the defenders were able to escape, regroup, and gather their strength.
Destiny successfully executed a tactical retreat, in which they consolidated their strength and greatly fortified the remaining bastions of their power.
As the dust settled and the fighting finished, many times did the newly conquered Beacons trade hands and were greatly diminished down to level 1, from their previous power of 5.
In the end, Destiny was able to reclaim much of their land, as seen from a griffin rider's aerial image taken from above.

Destiny Retakes

The losses were great and only two level 5 Beacons of Destiny remain. These final few strong-points are heavily defended by seasoned warriors.
This will not be the last you have seen of Destiny, for they and their allies hold counsels of war to plan their revenge. The Knights Templar is expecting this, for they know the Beacon Wars are far from over. The chaos continues on.

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