DaM MaD vs The Dragoni

The Beacon Wars have consumed many of us across the land. If you have not been touched by the battles that rage across Stormfall, then you are truly in an enviable position, for turmoil has spread to all corners of the realm.

Despite the struggle for the Beacons, rivalries and struggles continue to break out among the Leagues. One such conflict was sparked recently, with a multitude of noble Lords and Ladies taking up arms for the honor of their League and its champions.

A great challenge was issued between the lords in the division of the DaM Empire, known as "MaD" and those in the Dragoni league. As is typical with these structured contests of valor and arms, they start off in a friendly manner and quickly turn into bloodshed.

In this case, DaM MaD started strong as the challenge began, quickly climbing the ranks as their warriors won a series of quick successive battles. Unfortunately, the skill of the Dragoni league shone through, and as they rallied DaM MaD began to slip in the charts.

In addition to this, the sorcerers of the Dragoni league began to muster their magical might and unleash a rain of fire across the fortifications of DaM MaD. This strategy gained them more and more points in the contest, pushing them further ahead.

Knowing this, the leadership in MaD issued a call to arms and charged forth, striking the enemy time and time again, taking the battle to the lands of the Dragoni. The fighting was bloody and fierce, and observers were unsure who the victor would be.

Yet, as the trumpets sounded, the scores were tallied and ultimately a winner was decided and posted for all to see.

DaM MaD Dragoni Challenge

The results above plainly show that this was one of the closest challenges ever seen across the land. Even though DaM MaD was able to beat their opposition in offense points, where they truly lost was from the defensive maneuvers presented by the Dragoni league.
Cheers went up across the lands of Dragoni and their warriors praised each other for their skill and valor. Unfortunately for DaM MaD, the end of this contest would not signify the end of the conflict.

A rift began to develop within the ranks of DaM MaD and a number of its high-ranking members. Most notably, Ton, a captain in DaM MaD, spoke openly and scornfully to his fellow clan-mates about the failings he had witnessed throughout the contest.

Ton Angry Lost Challenge

The end result of this drama was a splintering of DaM MaD and a number of its members moving to create their own new clan.

Will this new clan come to blows with its former brothers? Will they move on and create their own new chapter in Stormfall? The answers to these questions remain unknown, but if the answer is yes, then as always the Chronicle will be there, reporting to you, the citizens of Stormfall on what matters most.


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