A Force of Good Turns Evil

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The King of Kings has turned to the dark side, they have forsaken their fellow man and taken up arms with Balur. Their mission, to crush all men and deliver the land to their evil master. Will anyone be able to stop them?

A Pact With the Dark Lord

A declaration of war against all men. An alliance with the dark one, known as Balur. The King of Kings, one of the most ancient and respected leagues within the realm, have had enough with the old gods and are turning their backs on the current system. The world will never be the same again.

DJMoody, one of the oldest and possibly the most outspoken member of the KoK's leadership made the announcement on the public forums, for all of the realm to hear.

koK balur

This announcement, which shocked many in the realm, came around the same time in which we saw great swathes of their land come under sieges. These beacons were taken by their long term ally, the Destiny league, leading many to assume that it was a planned event.


Since the day of this historic announcement, the King of Kings has stuck true to their word and have been actively attacking and attempting to keep a large quantity of level one beacons, at level one.

Their attacks have sent many defenders into retreat, as the forces of Balur move back in to reclaim their original lands.

KoK Defends Beacons for Balur

KoK Defends Beacons for Balur 2

KoK Defends Beacons for Balur 3

As can be seen from the small sample of attacks witnessed above, great quantities of defending forces have been crushed in this campaign of terror. 

The question now looms large: will the King of Kings be capable of sustaining this battle on behalf of Balur, or will a force of good rise up and attempt to take on these attackers?

Given the experience and knowledge possessed within the ranks of the KoK, and their typical cautious nature, we suspect that it will take some trickery to trap their forces and defeat them.

At the moment, it is doubtful that any single league could successfully rise up and punish the King of Kings for their shocking betrayal. Some day, perhaps, a grand alliance of leagues could chip away at the blasphemers and whittle their forces down to a weakened state that can more easily be defeated.

Regardless of what unfolds, this is a historical event and one that the Chronicle will be following closely, as time goes on and as things progress. For now, be safe and tread carefully citizens of Stormfall, for truly do we live in strange and dangerous times.

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