Members of the Emperors go Rogue?

The reasoning is unclear, the explanation is lacking, yet the results are incredibly obvious for all to see. The Emperors, or at least a few of their high-ranking members, have apparently engaged in a mission of their own and struck out against a league they previously had little problems with.

The Fellowship Unexpectedly Comes Under Assault

The victim of this unexpected crusade is the Fellowship, a league that holds vast swathes of land in the Northern marches and has recently rocketed higher in the ranks.

Striking out and ripping through a large number of the Fellowships interior beacons, a madness set in amongst the Emperors and once it set in, it was hard to stop.

Emps Strike

Emps Strike 2

Emperors Strike Fellowship

Emperors Strike Fellowship 2

FellowShip lose beacon 397

 As can be seen from the images above, once the momentum started, numerous other leagues began to feed off the carcass of the fallen Fellowship beacons, quickly downgrading them and sending many of them into ruin.

Fellowship Beacons Downgraded

Following these actions, many took to the public forums to question the actions of these "rogue" Emperors players and why they had taken up arms against the entire Fellowship league.

Test, a vocal voice in the Stormfall community and one of the longest serving members, was one of those that spoke up, but far from the only one.

Emperors  Losses


Others, however, disagreed with how this story was being spun and also let their voices be heard, stating that the narrative that Test and his supporters was pushing was simply not true.

Sarah Walker

The truth of the matter is unknown, as one of the main players that took part in the action is simply no longer with us, and has departed from the realm, at least for the time being.

Regardless, the pain was incredible and the damage was severe. The Fellowship has begun the process of rebuilding and reclaiming their lands, which we have no doubt they will be successful in.

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