Another Beacon Massacre Grips the Realm

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Yet another beacon massacre is upon us and leagues begin their preparations. Defenders are called home and resources are secured. The Knights Templar march out in hopes of retribution and revenge.

Revenge of The Knights Templar

We thought that the realm has suffered enough, but no! The gods above are cruel indeed and once again have brought chaos and destruction down upon our heads: another Beacon Massacre is here.

Leagues all over the realm are preparing, knowing well--as this is the third event of its kind--what is coming and how best to prepare themselves for the madness that will surely unfold as a result of it.

Putting out the word, they informed their ranks to shore up their defense in the beacons and prepare for the tidal wave of enemies that would soon be recklessly throwing themselves like madmen at their gates.

Leagues Prepare Beacon Massacre

Beacon Massacre Coming

As the days unfolded and the event arrived in full, many leagues took to the public forums to detest the event, expressing their concern over the death and damage that it will cause to the realm’s long-term stability. 

Others, however, sharpened their blades and loaded their quivers, choosing targets and drawing up battle plans.

Massive battles erupted between many of the common contenders, such as the Knights Templar, Anarchy, The Emperors and Destiny, familiar faces in these events past.

For all the carnage that took place there is one story that the Chronicle will focus on this week, given the past results that we have seen and their historical significance to the realm, and that is the battle between the Knights Templar and the forces of Anarchy.

If we could use one word to characterize this battle, we would choose revenge: revenge on the part of the Knights Templar for the past wrongs committed against their sub-leagues.

KT1, the parent league of the KT family, struck out against Anarchy in an all-out blitz, battering and smashing numerous beacons in the process.

KT2 Fails Beacon 490

KT Fails Beacon 491

KT Fails Beacon 492

KT Takes Beacon 430 BM

KT Takes Beacon 431 BM

KT Takes Beacon 432 BM

KT Takes Beacon 492 BM

KT Takes Beacon 493 BM

Although many of the attacks were repelled and failed, many more eventually succeeded and the lands of Anarchy had a large bite taken out of it as skirmishes erupted all across their lands.

The Knights had waited long for their revenge, as most of the offensive action throughout this long war has been committed on the part by Anarchy. Vengeance must have tasted sweet indeed for the rank and file troops of the Knights Templar.

In the end, the dust settled and Anarchy was able to retake and re-secure their beacons, raising 90% of those lost in the process.

While this battle was large, it still was dwarfed by both the Emperors and Destiny, both which took the first place and second place in the rankings, yet again, ending another bloody and challenging event.

Beacon Massacre Results

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