The Knights Templar Strikes Back

For months the forces of Anarchy have been running amok on The Knights Templar and their sub-leagues. This has been a bitter pill to swallow for the top league and no longer will they take it. The Knights Templar strikes back!

The fighting has been intense. The ultra-aggressive league known as Anarchy has been running amok, attacking and defeating beacons held by the Knights Templar and their allies for months.
The rampage has been almost non-stop as Anarchy armies march across the land, striking Knights Templar targets. They use scouts to search for weak victims, and other times they attack those that they simply decide need to be toppled as an example.
The castle-to-castle battles have also been devastating to say the least: the hordes of warriors that have washed over villages and keeps have left a scorched earth that will take years to recover and decades to erase from memory.
What has been most shocking about this entire ordeal is the fact that Anarchy has not only taken on the top-ranking league, The Knights Templar, but also all their sub-leagues—The Knights Templar 2, 3 and 4—at the same time.
The Knights Templar leadership and their member base are outraged. No longer will they sit idly by while the forces of Anarchy run rampant on their members and besiege their beacons. 
A meeting of captains from across all the Knights Templar leagues was convened and the decision was made: Revenge would be had on Anarchy and their members. An attack was in the works and the call went out for all Bannerman to muster their strength and gather their forces.
The target? Beacon 227, in the heart of Anarchy lands. A great host was gathered that has not been seen since the conclusion of the Beacon Wars. The ranks of Knights Templars stretched into the horizon and beyond. The march was on and there would be no rest until their goal was reached.
A warning call went out. Anarchy could see the forces in the distance and their troops were called back to their strongholds. Fireballs began to rain from Anarchy sorcerers as they attempted to discover the location of the mustering armies before they launched. A number were found and promptly wiped out as the strong arms of Anarchy moved into action and fought the enemy on the battlefield.
Yet, there was no stopping all the waves of attack and the destination of the main attacks were yet unknown. The Knights Templar first struck beacon 228, in a series of attacks that were meant to divert the attention of Anarchy's mobile defenders. The assault was unsuccessful, as Anarchy held their ground.

KT Fails AnarchY 228

Following this defeat, the true target was soon revealed. Quickly it became apparent to all that the main ranks of the Knights Templar were headed for beacon 227. An almost never-ending wave of attacks was then promptly launched against Anarchy. A series of large and significant softening blows began to rain down upon the defenders who they themselves numbers in the multiple of thousands.

KT Fails Anarchy 227 Friction

Knights Templar2 Fails Anarchy 227

KT Beacon 227 Anarchy Fail

KT Fails Anarchy 227

KT Fails Anarchy 227 2

KT Fails Anarchy Venecia

KT Fails Beacon 227 Anarchy

Niptuck Fails Anarchy 227

As can be seen from the reports above, and which were only half of the hits that actually landed upon Anarchy's beacon #227, the losses were staggering. 
Each attack, although sent with the intention of weakening the defenders, suffered 97% - 98% losses, even though these attacks would of wiped most defenders from the face of the realm.
The defenders of beacon #227 had proven they were a force to be reckoned with as the bodies began to pile all around them, some of their fallen brothers, many more of their fallen enemies. Yet, the attack that was to come was the stuff of legends and could be mustered by only a few select leagues.

Knights Templar takes Anarchy 227

The defenders, having already been worn down, battered and fatigued from a constant wave of attacks in which they successfully repelled, could do nothing to stop the monumental attack that landed on their walls.
The forces of Anarchy were spent. Even though they were capable of destroying a significant percentage of The Knights Templar’s strongest attack, they were sent into retreat. Those that survived scrambled to their nearest stronghold, collapsing upon their arrival from the gruesome battle they just survived.
What followed was a series of battles that saw Beacon #227 trade ownership numerous times, a series of battles that were destined for the Stormfall history books and will be the highlighted in the next edition of the Stormfall Chronicles.

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