KT2 Comes Under Assault

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The Chronicle returns to the continuation of last week's story of the chaos that erupted over what was supposed to be a time of rest and ease for the fighters of our realm. As you learned last week, it was anything but this.
Once again, at the center of the madness was Anarchy, an aggressive league and a rising source of power within our realm. The land that they carved out in their name came with a cost and the enemies they gained have been many, yet this has not stopped them from shedding blood and continuing on with their campaign of destruction.
As we have previously reported, The Knights Templar and Anarchy have found themselves at direct odds with one another. Both Leagues have been engrossed in a campaign of destruction upon the other, with Anarchy holding its ground thusfar against The Knights Templar and their numerous sub-Leagues. A monumental effort given the combined might of these reputable  and well established Leagues.
Anarchy, hell-bent on seeing The Knights Templar suffer, gathered their spellcasters, dragons, and infantry. The march was on and Anarchy would not be happy until a Knights Templar Beacon was cast down in ruin.
Marching boldly into their neighboring territory held by The Knights Templar 2, Anarchy carved a path of destruction as they moved through the land, their members raiding and pillaging strongholds mercilessly as they went.
Yet it was no mere assault on a Keep or stronghold that they desired, nor the bounty that comes along with it. Nay, their destination was Beacon #188, and that was exactly where they headed.
Falling upon their prey, the first assault smashed into the gates of KT2's Beacon #188, and the attack meant to simply weaken the defenders was repelled by the veteran forces within.

Anarchy Softens188

Knowing that another wave of attackers was likely on route, The Knights Templar 2 braced for impact. The wait, they would soon learn, was not long in coming. The attackers landed, and a quick and bloody (yet very one-sided) battle then commenced.

KT Beacon 188 1

KT Beacon 188 2

KT Beacon 188 3

KT Beacon 188 2

As can be seen from the Reports of the battle, above, the defenders died bravely, but died nonetheless. Thousands perished in the assault of Beacon 188.
Content with this victory, Anarchy began to leave the lands of The Knights Templar 2, but not before leaving behind a small division of troops that lay unbeknownst. 
Beacon 188 itself lay broken and was abandoned by Anarchy, once again, not caring to hold it for themselves.
Days later, the troops that lay in hiding made their presence known. It was learned by Anarchy that Beacon #151 would soon be abandoned and traded to another League, with the intentions of The Knights Templar 2 downsizing and consolidating their defenders into their remaining seats of power.
The battle, if it can be called that, was over in an instant - a scant handful of defenders was cast aside as an Anarchy Captain quickly overcame them.

Anarchy KT2 Beacon 151

Following this action, the blood was truly in the water. Multiple Leagues swooped in on the corpse of Beacon 151, each attempting to gain a quick victory over the previous occupier. 
With things having gone "too far", according to the Knights Templar, a call to arms was issued. The Knights Templar, even now, are mobilizing their forces, bringing their combined might together under one host. 
They vow to pay Anarchy back for the wrongs they have been committing over the past months against them.
Already, the carrion birds and storm clouds gather - a monumental battle is coming and, the outcome of which is yet unknown, but is sure to rival even that of the Beacon Wars.

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