A Time for Rest?

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Supposed to be a time of rest for our soldiers to lay down their weary heads and rest their tired feet, the holidays were anything but that... Anarchy strikes out and beacons are toppled. 

Welcome back citizens of Stormfall! It is a new year, it is a new age! We wish we could say that the holidays were a time for our soldiers to rest in peace, a time when they could settle down and enjoy some time with their families, which has been long in the making and much deserved. Sadly, this was not to be.

Great battles and much destruction were seen all over our lands. Countless league partook as the blood filled the water and the sharks circled about their prey. 
The one league that appeared to be at the center of most of this destruction was none other than Anarchy, a league that the Chronicle has recently reported on in regards to their direct conflict with the current top ranked league in the realm, The Knights Templar.
The first victim was DaM Shield, a key member of the DaM Empire and ally to the Knights Templar. This last point is being reported as the very reason why they became the target of Anarchy. 
The beacon in question was beacon 120, in which Shield was receiving as the final hand-off in their recent beacon trades with The Knights Templar 2.
Shortly after their ceremonies which seen them take friendly possession of Beacon 120, the league Anarchy sprung their trap. They had been waiting and their forces were ready. The defenders in Beacon 120 didn't stand a chance as they were slaughtered where they stood.

Anarchy DaM

Anarchy DaM 2

This open hostility towards DaM Shield saw an immediate response from the two parties involved. The leadership in both DaM Shield and The Knights Templar 2 called for attacks on Anarchy in any way, shape or form.

DaM Shield Declares War_Anarchy.png

Beacon 120 KT Attack Anarchy

Both DaM Shield and the Knights Templar attacked beacon 120, retaking it from Anarchy which had abandoned it, as they had no intentions of fortifying its walls. 
The damage of this attack alone would of been enough to satisfy most leagues, but the appetite and thirst for destruction amongst the ranks of Anarchy is strong. Numerous other attacks continued, the next victims? The leagues known as Bilskirnir and the Werewolves.

Anarchy Sieges 135

Anarchy Takes Beacon 135 Bilk

Chaos Beacon 264

The Bilskirnir league saw beacon 135 swept away from them as their lightly defended forces stood little chance. Meanwhile beacon 264, held by the Werewolves had its gates crushed and walls broken, which led to a rapid succession of new owners possessing beacon 264.
As can be seen from the images above, the holidays were no time for rest, no they were a time of bloodshed and war, of Anarchy and chaos. The fighting was vicious and fierce, but the images shared above have been just a part of the story.
Next week, the Chronicle returns with the second part of this saga, many more battles were fought and the madness that much more. 
Until then, be safe citizens of Stormfall and by Oberon, we hope you get your much deserved rest.

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