The Dragon Raider Offense Team guide to getting every last ounce of Iron

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Written by Bob Cornelissen

In order to build a powerful army of Offensive Units, you are going to need more Iron than Gold or Food to keep the Training Queue going. So what are the best ways to get your hands on Iron? There are in fact quite a few methods. Granted, some do not yield a huge amount of Iron and others cost Sapphires, but I will list them all to give you a good picture of the many ways to get Iron-rich in Stormfall. This list has not been created in any specific order, it’s just a list of possibilities and opportunities.

Let’s start with the obvious ones:

1)      Build Iron Mines. You can build 5 Iron Mines and upgrade them to higher Levels to improve production. Focus on getting these to as high a level as you can. It is also important to know that many of the bonuses you will get, using some of the other options below, will be a percentage increase of what is known as “Base Production.” Base Production is the amount of Iron that is produced at your Mines before other Bonuses are taken into account, so you ideally want to get these up to a good Level quickly.

Iron Mines

2)      Get yourself some Fiefs. You can lay siege three Castles to be used as Fiefs, which will allow you to extract either Gold or Iron. If you are planning on creating a lot of Offensive Units, select Iron. The higher the Level of the Castle you have under siege, the higher the Fief yield will be. Of course, this also translates to a higher possibility of somebody taking the Fief from you by raiding it, so keep an eye out. It is worth noting that an active Castle will provide a higher Resource yield, but these are much harder to hang onto because the player under siege will probably want to kick you out as soon as possible.


3)      Build the Forge. The Lost Art of Bran’s Legacy will give you the possibility to build the Forge Building. If you upgrade this Building to the maximum Level of 5, it will give you a 25% increase in Iron production.

The Forge

4)     Build the House of Unity. Simply having this Building in your Castle gives a you a 2% increase in Resource production for all Resources, and Build Time is just 15 seconds. After it is built, you can upgrade it by inviting people from social networks and getting them to play the game. While this is sometimes quite difficult to achieve, the extra Iron, Gold and Food make it all worthwhile.

House of Unity

5)      Raid some Castles. This is one of the basic elements of the game. There are many tricks involved with raiding, but these are the key points: You can raid other players’ Castles and take home all sorts of Resources, but most importantly – in our case at least - Iron. To get the most out of your raiding experience, look for better yielding Castles to raid or for Castles that yield more Iron than Food. 10 Raids a day are allowed by the game, and if you can complete this, you can obtain anywhere from 10K to 300K of Resources each day. While it may be difficult to hit the big numbers, several thousand can usually be gaining simply by hitting the low Level inactive Castles directly around you.

Raiding for resources

If you have do manage to make ten Raids each day, you will end up with a good income to work with.

6)      Capture Ironmonger’s Hamlets. Hamlets are sites around the Map of Stormfall where you can extract Resources for free. You first need to capture a Hamlet, then hold on to it for a while before carrying the Iron you have found back to your Castle. Keep in mind that many people look for Units to kill in Hamlets, so your results at these sites may vary depending on whether you need to fight or not.

Ironmonger’s Hamlets

7)      Trade Food for Iron in the market. In most cases, Iron is more expensive than Food, so generally speaking only offers with 2:1 Food to Iron ratios will bring any results. However, sometimes it takes a while to find any takers even at that price. Still, if you have an abundance of Food sitting there and have a need for Iron, you can always try your luck.

Trading food for iron

8)      Trade Gold for Iron. In most cases Iron is worth a bit less than Gold, so trade 1000 Gold for anywhere between 1000 to 2000 Iron. Often, the 1:2 ratio Gold:Iron trades are taken within a few hours. If you want it to go faster, change the ratio a little bit to 2:3.

Trade Gold for Iron

9)      Sell Scrolls. You can sell Scrolls to other players via Facebook, for which they may send you Iron as payment (or Iron + a junk Scroll). Often this can bring you between 7K and 12K Iron per Scroll. It is also possible to sell a Scroll back to the game, in which case you will get a few thousand Resources of each kind back.

10)   Log in. The Daily Loyalty Roll gives a Resource payout every few days. These start small, but transform into larger Rewards as you advance. You will find these gifts in the Black Market Resources tab if you want to add them to your stockpiles.

Daily Loyalty Roll

11)   Fight at Battlegrounds. You can get Resources as a payout at Battlegrounds, which are listed under the heading “Spoils of War.” Although technically speaking you have already converted Resources to Units, and are then killing Units at Battlegrounds in order to get better Units, you can still get a reasonable Resource payout if you are successful. This is not my preferred method of operating, and it can happen that you get only 100 of each Resource as a reward at Battlegrounds, making the sacrifice of your Units pointless.

Fighting at battlegrounds

12)   Complete Daily Quests. Whenever you log into the game, you will find a number of new Daily quests, which you can simply click on and wait to complete. Furthermore, every 6 hours there will be a new set of Quests to click. All Daily Quests give you Resources and Experience Points, and sometimes even Crystal Coffers. However, what we are interested in is Iron: Daily Quests can yield anything from a few hundred to a few thousand Iron per day.

Daily Quests Daily Quests

13)   Activate Your Paragon Status. Activating your Paragon Status will provide a percentage increase in Resource Production for as long as this status is active. Normally, the Paragon Status is active for 1 day after reaching a new Paragon Level, but you can also buy Activators to keep your Paragon Status active for longer periods. This not only gives you increased Resource Production, but also allows you to complete Paragon Quests. You can find Paragon activators at the Black Market, some of which you may already have received as rewards. Resource Production is just one of the things that will be improved when the Paragon Status is activated.

Paragon Status

14)   Collect Tribute Items around your own Castle on a daily basis. The skeletons in armor give you Iron.

Tribute Items

15)   Collect tribute items around the Castles of Friends you visit. Go to their locations on the Map every day and collect the Tribute Items around their Castle. There are maximum of 3 items around a Castle of a friend at any one time, and usually this is limited to about 30 items in total each day. Even still, there is a chance to collect 3 Iron Tributes per day in this way.

Tribute Items from Castles of Friends

16)   Acquire an Iron Production Increase relic for your Temple of War. Bran's Caldron gives a 5% increase and Bran's Tongs give a 10% increase in production.

Temple of War

17)   Ask other players to send Resources to you. For Food this is a bit easier to achieve, but other times you can get lucky and get some Gold or even Iron from other players. A good idea would be to team up with defense players and send them some Gold, so that you can receive some Iron from them in return.

18)   Go to the Black Market. At the Black Market, you will find the Resources tab. Here you will have the option of buying Iron directly for Sapphires, or alternatively to buy a 25% increase in Iron Production for a few days. Here you will also find the gifts of Resources that are given through the Daily Loyalty Roll, or as a reward for competing in Tournaments.

Black Market

19)   Visit the Black Market again. There are special Resource boosters that boost the production of all Resources, which can be found in the Misc -> Special menu.

Resource Boosters

20)   Build the Altar of Weor. This Building can be bought for 1000 Sapphires and upgraded to Level 6 within a few days. Once it has reached that Level, it will have increased the Base Production rate of Gold and Iron by some 25%.

Altar of Weor

21)   Build the Dragon Stone. You can construct this Building for free to start playing with your Dragon and killing Monsters, which gives you Dragon Points.

Dragon Stone

Dragon Points can be used to discover and upgrade Dragon Arts in the Dragon Stone Building. There are several Resource-related Dragon Arts, some of which will increase the production rate of Iron, while others which give you lump sums of Iron instead. In order to benefit from these Lost Arts, the Dragon Bonuses must be activated (this lasts for 3 hours at a time.)

 Dragon Bonuses


As you can see, there are many ways of gaining Resources, some of which are specific to Iron. Try to use a combination of several methods in order to gain more of the Resources you are most interested in. For Offense players, this is primarily Iron, which keeps the Unit Building queue going, although you will need Food to make sure you can maintain those Units.

A number of these methods, such as Resource trading, Scroll trading, Raiding and Battlegrounds require further explanation, as well as a number of tips and tricks. This will be handled in other documents and discussions. Keep in mind that all percentage increase bonuses are a percentage of the base production of your Iron Mines and not based on the accumulated number.

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