The Sanctum of Shards and Crystal Coffers

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by Bob Cornelissen

While you are playing you will often see messages that you earned a Crystal Coffer. 

Crystal Coffer

Some of the instances when you see this will be after clearing a Battleground or if a location where you currently have reinforcements gets spied upon or raided. So what are these things good for?

Well, the idea is:

  • Coffers contain Crystals
  • Crystals give bonuses to a Unit type
  • Crystals can be combined to form bigger/stronger Crystals which give a higher bonus
  • You can activate 3 Crystals

So how to go about it? Build your Sanctum of Shards Building:

 Sanctum of Shards

Go inside:

 Inside the Sanctum of Shards

The Building contains two “rooms”. I would suggest that the first thing you should do is to go to the Sacred Chamber room. This will help to prevent you from making mistakes. Just always click the Sacred Chamber button first.

Next you will see three big circles and below it you see this:

 Sacred Chamber Room Items

These are the un-opened Coffers which contain Crystals. In the above example you can see that this Coffer contains 16 of them. Of course it is also possible to actually buy these Coffers using Sapphires. In my experience, that doesn’t appear to give enough value for money, but that’s your call to make.

First thing we need to do is open the Coffers. Click the Coffer icon (the one on the right in the picture above). When it asks you if you want to open it, click yes. Next it will show you which Crystal is inside. Click OK. Repeat this until you have opened all Coffers.
So now we see a load of Crystals with nice colors.

There are Crystals for:

  • Bestiary Offense
  • Occult Offense
  • Cavalry Offense
  • Infantry Offense
  • Bestiary Defense
  • Occult Defense
  • Cavalry Defense
  • Infantry Defense


Let’s start with what we can see here.

The first yellow Crystal is an offense Crystal (see the sword in the lower left corner) and the second one is a defense Crystal. The next thing to notice is the number on the top-right corner. This is how many of the same type of Crystal you have. In the above example, that would be 2 of the first and 1 of the second type. The next thing to look at is the level of the Crystal. The one on the left is a Level 1 Crystal. The one next to it is a Level 4 Crystal. As you might expect, the higher the Level of a Crystal the better it is. If you move your mouse over a Crystal it will show you what it is and exactly what kind of advantage it gives you:

Mara's Justice Crystal

The screen will show all 8 different Crystals side by side, and divided by each Level as well. So this can add up to a lot of pictures.
Combining Crystals

So what we want to do now is combine lower Level Crystals in order to build higher Level Crystals. The principle is simple... two Level 1 Crystals form one Level 2 Crystal. And two Level 2 Crystals form one Level 3 Crystal. And so on. The highest Level Crystal is Level 12, but that requires so many Level 1 Crystals to combine that it ends up taking forever. Well, not forever, but a good long while!

Let’s start with this:

Combining Crystals

These are three Crystals of the same type (Infantry Defense) but of different Levels. I see I have a few Level 1 Crystals so I know I can combine two of them to get a Level 2 Crystal. The good news is that I already have a Level 2 Crystal. Why is this good news? Because it means that I can take my preexisting Level 2 Crystal and combine it with my newly formed Level 2 Crystal! Eye-popping fun! But it gets better. I also already have a Level 3 Crystal so let’s make them dance! Bam! Level 4 Crystal! Ultimately, what we’ve ended up with is one Level 4 Crystal and one Level 1 Crystal. 

Are you ready for the next step? Great, let’s do this! First confirm again that you are in the Sacred Chamber room:

 Sanctum of Shards Sacred Chamber

The second button is highlighted. This is good. Click the picture of the three Level 1 Crystals:

 Level 1 Crystal

Click again, this time on the red Select button.

 Combining Crystals

Both Crystals have been put in the Slots to the left and right. And the result of this Crystal tango is seen in the middle. As you can see this will result in a Level 2 Crystal and that increases your Infantry defense by 2 and 2.5% (Only IF ACTIVATED! Take a deep breath and let it out because we are not at that stage yet). So go ahead and click the Combine button now in the middle picture. Click OK at the popup.


And that’s the result. You lost two Level 1 Crystals and gained a Level 2 Crystal. Now do the same thing again to combine the two Level 2 Crystals and make some Level 3 Crystal magic! Repeat the whole shebang, this time combining Level 3 Crystals to a Level 4 Crystal.

 Level 4 Crystal

As we see in this picture there is nothing more to combine. I always look up at the top-right corner of every picture and if I see anything more than 1 there I combine them until I end up with nothing left. Crystals beget better Crystals! 

You can look through your Crystals now and there are selection boxes to show only offense or defense or only Cavalry for instance.

Using them

At some point you decide you want to use the Crystals. Please read this section all the way through to the end before you commit to clicking anything! Why am I so emphatic when I say this? Wait and understand – and trust me, you will understand when you reach the end. Read first, click later. That’s my motto! 

You can use three Crystals at the same time to increase the offensive or defensive statistics of your Units. For instance:  Bestiary Offense + Bestiary Defense + Occult Defense. Make the selection YOU want. That being said, and I am nothing if not a proponent of democracy, I would suggest that you increase the statistical strength of the Units you have the most of. In return you will receive the maximum result! Of course you can also select the type of Units you are using most (in numbers). Give it some thought. Of course also think about which Crystals you have available. The higher Level Crystals do more for you.

To activate a Crystal go to the Cache room in your Sanctum of Shards

Sanctum of Shards 

You again see three big circles. When you apply a Crystal it goes into one of these three Slots. Your available Crystals are below it.

If you want to activate a Crystal you click it once to show the Select button and click the Select button. Next the system will ask you to select one of the three big empty circles to put the Crystal in. Click it and will then be sent on its way, active and working!

Activating Crystals

In this picture I have activated three lower Level Crystals of which two offense and one defense.

So now we come to the reason why I told you to first read through this procedure. Wait and understand. Remember? And the reason is this. You will want to make changes. To give you just one example, you have seen just how many Level 2 Crystals I have activated here, but I have a number of Level 4 Crystals also available to me. Naturally, I want to be using the higher Level Crystals instead. What you need to know is that if I replace one of the Crystals in these circles with another one, the one that was in there will disappear. It will be destroyed, never to return. So much for that investment! In the example above we see that this is affecting Level 2 Crystals only. 

 Crystals from the Black Market

Go to the Black Market, Find the Misc. tab at the top and then go to the Crystals tab below it. Scrolling through that you will find Coffers and also Celestial Wands. Read the description of what these are good for. The examples in the picture allow you to replace ONE Crystal and keep it so you can use it again to combine with something else in the sacred chamber. These two Wands in the picture are the lowest Level of those and they cost quite a few Sapphires. Sometimes you can win one of them in special events.

What you need to think about is the following: if you activate 3 Crystals you would want the Crystals to be as high as possible, right? And you would want the type of Units that make the most sense for the situation (the ones that you have the most trust in and which would increase your percentages (most often among Occult and Bestiary Units) – OR – the ones which you are expending at a rapid rate (Infantry Units?). However, you do not want to wait for months on end until you have a very high Crystal combined before you use them. And when you replace a Crystal you destroy the old one unless you spend Sapphires on a Wand.

Personally, I don’t care about the three Level 2 Crystals that I have active and will replace them with Level 4 Crystals or perhaps wait until I can get Level 5 Crystals which does not take that long. 

Dropping Crystals 

If you do replace an active Crystal you just click the one you want to remove and you see two options. By clicking Drop Crystal you’ll just remove it and destroy the Crystal. The Extract button will ask you to use a Celestial Wand to extract it and place it back into your Crystals list. When the Slot is empty you can add another Crystal to it to activate it.
Now you have some things to think about before activating Crystals. Go ahead and activate something!

Level of the Sanctum building

The first tab in the Sanctum is the Info tab.

Upgrading the Sanctum of Shards building 

You can upgrade the Sanctum of Shards to Level 10. Remember: the Level of the Sanctum governs the maximum Level of Crystals you can activate in the Cache. For example, in this picture you can see that the Level of the Sanctum is Level 8. And right below it (on the bottom-left) you can see that the maximum Level of Crystals I can have active is Level 10.


Every so often go into the Sanctum of Shards and go immediately to the Sacred Chamber room. Once there, start opening Coffers and combining Crystals. At some point you’ll learn which Crystals you are most interested in and bring them up to a sufficient enough Level to activate them. Activation is done in the Cache room of the Sanctum. Replacing an activated Crystal destroys it unless you pay for and use a Celestial Wand. This Crystal will increase the offensive or defensive stats of certain types of Units and every percentage counts!

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