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From the outside, Stormfall is a simple game. It is only when you join a League that you realize how complex it can become. 

Behind the screen everyone is still their own individual, even when working together as a group, and the mentality each member brings is very important. Some will bring maturity, others enthusiasm, and then there are cases where a player still has to learn how to work as part of a team.

In war, everyone is equal. A Marshal has to learn about their players and remain fair. 

Below I will share some of my advice, based off of my own experiences creating the league “DIVINITE CELESTE”, in the hope it will help old and new Marshals alike with their own efforts.

 1. Keep focused

When you jump into adventure, it is imperative to keep up your efforts until the end. In life we live through challenging times, and this is no different in gaming – you will have defeats as well as victories. You have to believe in what you are doing and remind yourself of the reason you created a League in the first place. 

This will keep you, and your members, focused on your chosen goal.

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2. Remain organized

Organization is key for an accessible League. Without it, it can be hard to balance your game activities and contributions with your real lives (like family, work, and other hobbies). Being organized brings many advantages. It makes leading your League easier, and taking action faster. It also helps you compare and test different strategies together.

As an example, DIVINITE CELESTE has eight separate groups working together. We call them Clans.

Clan EPSILON represents the main leaders of the League. They assign missions and are in charge of the administration of the League.

The other seven Clans are each led by a Captain, who will have one or two Commanders to relay information. There will always be a leader figure present if one is absent. Clan leaders may also receive different missions from each other.

Our players know their individual strategies, and they know what they should do without having to ask a leader. For group or Clan strategies, they wait for the leader to provide information and guidance. Then we have the overall League strategy given by either the Marshal, or another leader from Clan EPSILON. The leaders from EPSILON are considered Vice-Marshals.

If you start organizing your players like this, you will start to see the benefits of a proper hierarchy.

3. Immerse your players

A League, to remain fun, should have a specific theme that players feel a part of. This is important for immersion, to give players a reason to return to the game. It is the Marshal’s responsibility to make new players feel like a true part of their Stormfall plans.
For example: Through Powerpoint, Excel, and Word files we can easily explain the League to any new players, and create an assigned, specific role for them. I also make video montages to present the League for a more interactive touch.

With the players understanding how they fit into the world and how it all links in together, the League feels much more like a structured entity. Leagues are more than players occasionally battling together - make sure your new members understand that. 

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4. Work together

Stormfall is a team game. It’s important to make sure your League feels like a group effort, and not just individuals working towards their own separate goals. Being a part of a larger group is an exchange of information, experience, and perspectives. Sharing the same mindset makes improvement so much easier.

In time, the League becomes a single force guided by the Marshal. The aim should be to cultivate a strong League that can unite together even in the hardest of times.

In DIVINITE CELESTE, the Marshal trains the Clan leaders, and then the leaders pass this training down to their players. We commit our knowledge to every tier of our hierarchy.

With this strategy, all of our players have the same skills and can work together without being left behind. You are only as strong as your weakest link, so prepare all of your members properly.

5. Communicate 

Each point so far is linked together by communication. Communication both helps all of the processes I have written about, and is also improved by these stages at the same time.

To work together, you must communicate. This is a two-way street - something that the Marshal, the Clan leaders, and the players must all remember no matter their role.

Using a Facebook page, a messaging group, and/or Skype can help your League keep connected. It’s important to not rely on just one source of contact for your players.

6. Know your strengths

When points 1 to 5 have been set out in your League, it means you have more time to invest in game presence. My personal recommendations for getting started are:
·         Your League maintaining constant activity in the game
·         Always working within your means to improve your own gameplay and available assets
·         Studying and figuring out the game to find the fastest ways to improve
There are many advantages to being committed to your League and inspiring your players to do the same. However, it is always vital to make sure all your members understand that real life responsibilities take priority over game time.

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 7. Understand leadership and management

Leadership and management work hand in hand. To organize a League with more than 150 players, management becomes critical. A person who doesn’t understand the importance of setting a managerial standard will ultimately have an unorganized, unsuccessful League.

Without order, there is chaos, and chaos spells the end of everything.

Management can be learned on the job, and that is what many players will have to do when they create a League. A Marshal has to choose and train leaders to stand by them, so it never becomes a one man show. Proper management means knowing when to delegate – splitting tasks between available members. This allows the Marshal to focus on the bigger problems and oversee League activities on a larger scale.

Leadership is an innate quality. It requires patience, understanding, and innovation. A Marshal will encounter many different personalities that will lead to a variety of situations, but their method of leadership must remain consistent.

The kind of leadership the Marshal shows will contribute to what kind of League they end up with. Some Leagues are cemented only because of their successes, like the Beacons they hold. When those Leagues lose Beacons, they also lose their players.

The best Leagues have players that log in for their community and the League’s goals, not just for their own. That’s when the magic begins.

I am a proud Marshal. We are not the strongest League in Stormfall, but our own power and enjoyment comes as a result of the seven points outlined here. We can compete with much older Leagues in the game already, and we have not stopped progressing yet. Together, we can make the impossible become possible. 

Over time, following the above points will cultivate a reputation for your League. Players will contact you, and ask to join you. Remember that it is quality over quantity - and your recruits must be worthy of the name you fight for.

Everyone experiences wins and losses, but a true warrior never stops fighting. The motto of my League is “WHO DARES, WINS” – just like the S.A.S. A second motto is taken from the Airborne Commando Battalion: “United, we conquer”.

This article was written by player David Husson, Marshal of DIVINITE CELESTE, who granted permission for it to be posted on Any thoughts or views expressed herein are the player's own, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Plarium Global.

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