Lord Oberon Makes a Major Announcement

Lord Oberon has made a major announcement that could potentially change the nature of warfare in this realm forever. Heroes have greatly increased in strength and their ability to crush their opposition.

Heroes Greatly Increase in Strength with New Abilities

Lord Oberon has just made an announcement of epic proportions. 

This announcement, whether you love it or hate it, has the potential to shift the power within the realm once again, and place even greater strength in those heroes that prove capable of achieving greatness.

Lord Oberon announcemen

Hero Abilities

As seen from the above news release, issued from the ruler of the realm, these newfound abilities will be unlocked through your hero and will improve management of your realm, grant greater resource production, and even increase the individual strength of your soldiers.

To achieve these new abilities you must head out and battle either your fellow lords as you defend your lands from the constant threat of invasion by other leagues, or battle Balur as he attempts to encroach on the domain of man.

These two methods will be the main avenues of acquiring the much-needed experience that you will need to increase your wisdom level and thus increase the strength of your kingdom.

A few of examples of what can be unlocked are shown below.

Heros get Stronger

Stormfall Heros get Stronger

Heroes Greatly Increase in Strength with New Abilities

As can be seen from the above images, the abilities that your hero can unlock going forward are going to have a stunning effect on your forces.

Right away, from the very start, we see that these increases in strength are nothing to scoff at, yet as we continue on down the ladder and reach the end, they become simply amazing. A permanent increase to your Units’ offense and defense capabilities could be the deciding factor when pitted against an otherwise equal foe.

Already there are countless heroes rushing out to do battle against their enemies and vanquish the dark lord, so that they can increase their prestige and wisdom. 

Those leagues that are capable of amassing many heroes that reach these end goals are going to find that they have a league that will be able to challenge even the greatest of our past and those yet to come.

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