Leagues Fight for Survival

Many have faced great suffering and hardships, leagues all over the realm have felt the heat of war as the land is embroiled in great conflict. Will we survive these days, or is this the end of the realm as we know it?

The Darkest Days

All across the realm, leagues have suffered great challenges and setbacks. We have seen the realm thrown into a state of war that has left many stunned and shocked: not even back in the days of Beacon Wars were the times so trying. But, in spite of everything, we push on.

Numerous leagues have lost everything—all their land, all their beacons, and many of their great heroes have fallen in battle as a result of the new age of strife. The Knights Templar 3, The Walking Dead, and the Unforgiven Knights are just a few of these leagues, but one thing that most have in common is their unrelenting drive to continue on and reshape their goals.

The Unforgiven Kings, who still have yet to retake any beacons after the devastating attacks they received at the hands of the Destiny league, continue to encourage their troops to rebuild their forces, with the eventual hope of taking and holding a beacon once again.

Unforgiven Regrowing

UK No Beacons

Facing a similar situation, the Knights Templar 3, who have had many public disputes with their sister leagues, are also facing challenging times as they attempt to reshape their strategies and place in the realm. They too are focused on rebuilding, but have yet to re-enter the beacon arena as of yet.

KT3 No Beacons

Meanwhile, the Walking Dead, who have become embroiled in a full-blown war, recently suffered a devastating setback which saw all of their beacons wiped off the map.

Yet, they are one such league that has crawled back from their defeat and are attempting to reclaim their lands, hopefully, once and for all.

WD Trys To Regrow

WD Trys To Regrow 2

As mentioned previously, these are but a small example of the hardships that countless leagues have faced in recent times. The battle for supremacy continues on, the strong continue to rain havoc on the weak, while others simply fight to survive. 

These are truly trying times, but as always, the fight goes on, as it always has and as it always will. Until the true end of times.

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