The Death of the Ratcoms?

The Ratcoms prospered during the chaos that surrounded the Beacon Wars, but has since floundered as they continued to hold onto what was once theirs. Now, after suffering a number of attacks, their leadership has abandoned ship. What is to become of those that remain?

Marshal and Captains Abandon Ship

During the past, many leagues have left their marks on the realms of Stormfall: Age of War. Many are still here, but others have drifted into obscurity, lost to the annals of time, becoming just a memory to those who can recall their names.

The Ratcoms is one such league that appears to be headed towards this destiny. During the Beacons Wars they rose in power as a league that capitalized on the turmoil that gathered in the South marches of the lands, where they accumulated a number of beacons, raising their flag high and thus attracting a large pool of Bannerman that were proud to wear the standard.

Yet this was not to last, as so many leagues that prospered during the chaos that erupted during the Beacon Wars. They too suffered a number of setbacks since, constantly battling their enemies and losing beacon after beacon, until the point where their influence has been all but diminished.

In recent months, the Ratcoms have attempted to gain back their lost glory, capturing a number of seats of power and garrisoning them with their remaining defensive forces that they could gather. Still holding over a 100 strong in their ranks they battled on, attempting to leave their mark in the history books of Stormfall.

Sadly, their decline could not be stopped. Internal struggles and attacks continued to wear down their morale. The final stroke was only a matter of time and the wait was not long in the coming. Calls went out to the ranks of the Ratcoms, attacks were landing on their remaining beacons and defense was required to repel the assaults.

The Medics Fails Ratcoms Beacon 115

Ratcoms Lose New Beacon

Unfortunately for them, time was against them. The forces could not be mustered in time and the ranks of the Angels Palace were rapidly descending upon them, as they made their rounds, attacking weak beacons that they found all over the map.

Angels Palace Besiege Ratcoms Beacon 115

New Beacons Angel Palace Ratcoms 367

The fall of these beacons, just as the Ratcoms were attempting to regrow and regain their power, was too much for them. Their leadership began talking and it was decided that the Marshal would step down. Warhawk75 sent out the follow message, indicating just this. He was soon followed by one of the Ratcoms key captains who decided to step down as well.

Ratcoms Marshal Steps Down

Ratcoms Captain Steps Down

Not only would they be stepping down, but it became rapidly clear that plans were already set in motion for them to move on to another league. They were soon seen amongst the ranks of the Unforgiven Gods, a member of the ever growing, more powerful Unforgiven family.

Key Ratcoms Members Merge Unforgiven Gods

Following their leadership, many other members of the Ratcoms decided to join their ex-marshal and captains. The ranks of the Unforgiven Gods flourished, while the ranks of the Ratcoms have continued to drift lower, numbering now just a fraction of once they once held.

Will the Ratcoms under their new leadership be able to recover, or are they now destined for the history books, uttered in memories of the old, but otherwise forgotten? Only time will tell.

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