New Beacons Rise Forth

New beacons rise from the earth and the race is on to defeat Balur and vile minions. Great leagues battle for control, some are victorious, some are cast down in shame.

The Battle for Dominance

The land lifted and shook, the core of the realm spewed forth and with the settling of the dust new seats of power had risen. A violent and chaotic race for the beacons was on. 

Leagues rushed to the outer edges of the known world to take part in the blood-lust and were greeted with a grim sight. Balur, the foe of man, was already in occupation of newly risen beacons and was securing their defense. Before the brave heroes of Stormfall would be able to claim these new seats of power, they would first have to remove Balur and his foul minions.
Swords clashed all around the realm, as great armies cast the vile forces back into the darkness, making quick work of demons, ogres and orcs alike. Yet, the battles were far from over, for those who first rushed to the front lines quickly found themselves besieged not by reinforcements from Balur, but their fellow man.
The battle for territory was not orderly by any means. The old ways of known borders have long since been lost since the battles fought in the Beacon Wars. The race was on and the only borders that would be kept would be those in which sharp swords and hard steel could maintain.
Battles erupted in all corners of the realm. Some of the most powerful leagues quickly found their territory diminished, while others gained greatly from the fighting, expanding their influence through sheer force. A small sample of some of the battles is presented below.

KT2 Losses Beacon 324 New Beacons

Kt2 Retakes Beacon 375 New

New Beacons 377 Lost KT2

New Beacons 373 Infinity

In the North we saw fighting between Republic Atredies and the Unforgiven. These gruesome battles were bloody indeed, and in addition to this KoK Elite carved out a large mass of new land for themselves, greatly expanding their influence.

New Beacons North KoK Elite Unforgiven Emperors

In the East, the King of Kings and the Fellowship expanded in their lands, gaining control of many of the new beacons that would surface, while the Werewolves, DTC and Corsaires made a grab for power.

New Beacons East KoK Cosaires Emperors Werewolves

New Beacons East DTC Fellowship Werewolves

In the North-East, the powerful Destiny league maintained their dominance over their newly positioned lands, where they are now concentrating the bulk of their power and influence.

New Beacons Destiny NE

The South-East saw some of the bloodiest fighting. The two great rival neighbors, Anarchy and The Knights Templar 2, fought to both maintain and expand their lands. Anarchy, in a series of destructive battles, carved their names across the land and expanded further East, cutting off much of what The Knights Templar 2 previously held.
In addition to this, the Integrity Raiders took control of a much-coveted corner beacon, one of the most prized possessions in the realm.

New Beacons South East Anarchy KT2 Integrity Raiders

In the North-West, the Guardians of Avalon moved in to keep control over the majority of their domains, while the Walking Dead made a play to stamp their name on the map. 
Further south in the West, the Unforgiven Knights took large swathes of land, as did the Knights Templar, who maintained their top position in the realm.

New Beacons North West GoA Walking Dead

New Beacons West Unforgiven Knights Force et Honor

New Beacons West KT DaM Nations Firetouched

The future is never truly known, but what is certain is the past and if it is any indication, then we know that the fighting is not over yet. The battle for control of these new edge beacons will continue on for weeks, seeing the powerful leagues fight each other to the near death and new rising stars leaving their mark in the history books.

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