The Crushing of Bilskirnir

A vast co-ordinated assault is launched by the Coralition and their allies. The target is league Bilskirnir for the wrongs that they have committed in the past against the Coralition. Justice will be served.

The Coralition Marches

War drums beat loudly, a massive host of monumental proportions marches to the Northlands. A target they have in their sights and a goal they have in their minds: the total destruction of a league and all that it holds dear.

Key members of the Coralition and some of their allies have mobilized one of the largest co-ordinated offensive strikes in Stormfall history. The dragons black out the skies, the footmen and cavalry turn vast stretches of land to mud and the magical energy from the numerous occult divisions has citizens' hair standing on end miles away.

Surprisingly, given the size and the effort that it took to amass such a host, the enemy was caught almost entirely unaware, not having the proper time to organize their defenders or consolidate their forces to face the coming onslaught.

The target we speak of today is one of the oldest and most established leagues in the realm, the Bilskirnir league. A league that gained much of their power through the opportunities they took advantage of during the chaos that unfolded during the Beacon Wars.

Once their borders were penetrated there was nothing that could stop the advancing forces who had come to wreak vengeance on the Bilskirnir league and their members, claiming that a previous Beacon Nap had been broken and that many past wrongs had been committed against members of the Coralition. The time of justice was at hand.

The softening blows began to rain down on the Bilskirnir league, almost all of their seats of power came under assault at roughly the same time, with little time for them to react to the madness that was quickly surrounding them and cutting them off from retreat.

Beacon 247 was the first to come under major assault by the Hating Crackheads, The Stark Bannerman and Destiny. A sample of some of these softening blows is presented below:

Stark Bannerman Attack Bilk 247

Hating Crack heads Attack Bilk 247

Hating Crack heads Attack Bilk 247 2

Destiny Attack Bilk 247

Softening Blows Bilk 247

The leadership of Bilskirnir sent out a desperate message as fast as they could in the hopes that it would reach any ears that could hear and any that could escape Beacon 165 in time to reach their prized beacons, shoring up their defenses.

Bilks Attempts Defend Beacons

It was to no avail. Attack after attack rained down, with the defenders holding stout, but ultimately fighting a losing battle. The main force of league Destiny could be seen cresting over the horizon, and nothing beyond it could be seen. The defenders, surrounded as they were, knew that the time of reckoning was drawing close to hand and all that remained was to fight on.

Destiny Takes Beacon 247 Bilks

The fortifications of 247 collapsed under the final onslaught by Destiny. The defenders were spent, battered and broken. Yet, they were not alone in their dismay, additional assaults were already falling down all across the Bilskirnir lands on their remaining seats of power.

GoA Hits Bilks 248 Softening

KoC Fails Bilks 248

KoK Fail Besiege Bilk 294

GoA Fails Bilks Beacon 248

Republic Atredies Fails Beacon 165

As can be seen from the images above, the Guardians of Avalon, The King of Kings, The Knights of Camelot and the Republic Atredies all inflicted damaging blows on the Bilskirnir leagues remaining beacons. 

The targets were softened and not enough of the defenders were able to mobilize to shore up those areas where they were needed most. The scene was set.

The killing blows were inflicted.

KoK Takes Beacon 294 Bilks

GoA Takes Beacon 248 Bilks

KoK Besieges Beacon 165 Bilks

With these attacks, the spirits and morale of Bilskirnir were crushed for the time being. Many of their members either left the ranks as they returned home, casting off their banners or were expelled from the league, for being suspected of being a spy for the enemy.

Yet, Bilskirnir is not entirely defeated, they are swearing revenge and a battle has erupted in the public forums, where the lords of the Coralition and the leadership of Bilskirnir have been attacking one another.

Bilks Plots Revenge

Will Bilskirnir's allies come to their aid? Will they be able to recover from these devastating losses? 

The answers to these questions are yet unknown, but are sure to come to light one day soon, and when they do, the Chronicle will be there reporting from the front lines. Until then, stay safe citizens of Stormfall.

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