Peace is Tested

A cease fire between the Knights Templar and Destiny holds despite multiple attempts by members to cause disruption. Will this peace last or will it soon be a fleeting memory? 

Celtic Frost Strikes Destiny

A cease fire has been proclaimed! Destiny and the Knights Templar have both agreed to end their hostilities towards one another. This was agreed upon at a meeting between the leadership of both leagues, yet this tenuous pact is already being tested.
Multiple members from Destiny and the Knights Templar 3 continue to exchange raids. The leadership on both sides are knuckling down and enforcing this ceasefire, yet many members loathe the idea, preferring the bloodshed over peace. This indicates just how deeply the hatred between these leagues runs.
Unfortunately, adding further fuel to the fire were a number of events. The first was an attack on Destiny’s beacon #95 by the Celtic Frost, a league which is widely thought of as a tool that the Knights Templar uses on a regular basis to accomplish goals, without directly bloodying their hands.  

Celtic Frost Attacks Destiny Beacon 95

Celtic Frost Attacks Destiny Beacon 95 2

As can be seen from the report above, it did not take much for Cameron of Celtic Frost to take the beacon from Destiny’s hand. The reason for this was the incredibly light division of defensive forces that were stationed there.
Beacon #95 was being emptied of its forces, as it was being handed to the Fist of Honor, an ally of Destiny’s and a friend in arms. Celtic Frost temporarily interfered with this transfer, but as can be seen above, The Fist of Honor ultimately retook what was theirs.
The second point that has caused even more stress in diplomatic relations between both The Knights Templar and Destiny was an insult from a member of The Knights Templar 3, in which a very personal and disrespectful insult was made against Destiny's Marshal, Test.
This breach of honor led to a public outcry on the forums from numerous leagues across the realms and a shaming of those involved, in which the Knights Templar leadership eventually made the party involved apologize.
The deadline for the end of the ceasefire is drawing close to completion and it is yet unknown whether it will be extended or if it will be allowed to lapse. The highlighted developments that were just written about do nothing to help ease the situation and may ultimately dictate the direction of Destiny’s decision.
For the sake of the realm and the citizens that call this land home, we hope that peace can be reached and the fighting put to rest, as the battle between these two forces would be catastrophic and of a magnitude that would shake the very earth to its core. Until that time as more news is learned, be safe citizens and rest well, difficult times may soon be upon us.

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