Trouble Within The Knights Templar

The Knights Templar 2 and the Knights Templar 3, longtime allies, are facing challenges that have resulted in the disbanding of an ancient alliance. Will swords be drawn, or will the matter be resolved?

Ancient Alliances Are Dropped

Diplomacy is an issue that all leagues must deal with. It is a constant battle in a realm filled with turmoil, strife and war.

Some leagues take it in stride, while others crumble under the pressure from opposing leagues. Yet, sometimes, the threat does not come from outside, but from within.

The Knights Templar family, a large network of leagues, is one such league that must constantly deal with these issues, and how they handle the problems that arise directly affects the future status of their leagues.

Trouble between two leagues is not uncommon, but rarely does it boil over into the public member space. The rank and file troops are typically isolated from the disputes that the leadership has amongst one another, but this edition of the Chronicle highlights one such dispute that most certainly did reach a tipping point.

Aaron, the longtime Marshal of KT3, in a display of frustration shared with his league one such example of the previously mentioned drama.

KT3 Fall Out

This news, which could greatly affect the outcome of the Knights Templar family, left many in confusion, wanting to know more information as to why this had happened and why the two longtime allies would turn on one another.

Aaron followed up the above message, with an explanation of the matter.

KT3 Fall Out 2


From the above message, we can see that a boiling point has indeed been reached and it can be confirmed that these two leagues are no longer allies, sharing only their names in common.

They have made it clear, at least from KT3's standpoint, that they will not attack their former friends, but will wait and see what action the other league takes. Whether or not sparks will fly, is yet to be seen.

Yet this is not the only dispute that KT3 is having: currently they are embroiled in a number of other significant disputes, highlighting just how much action this league is currently facing.

KT3 Roftie

KT3 War With Infinity

KT3 Issues Integrity

The above example is just one such case in the realm of Stormfall. Countless other leagues face similar challenges, which hammers home the fact that this realm is one where a delicate balance of aggression, diplomacy, and peace is never far from being upset and swinging too far in one direction.

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