A Historic Rivalry Comes to an End

A rivalry that has lasted well over a year, now concluded: the war between Anarchy and the Knights Templar 2 has finally reached an end as Anarchy ejects the last remaining defenders of KT2 from the Southeastern marches.

Anarchy Expells KT2 From the Southeast

Finally, at long last a battle has drawn to an end. The battle between the two leagues that have long contested the lands in the Southeast is now over and a clear victor has been decided.

The combatants were Anarchy and the Knights Templar 2, long time enemies and long time neighbors. These two leagues have disputed the lands they both occupied ever since the day that Anarchy took up residence in the south and began their long and bloody expansion in that region.

Previously, this portion of the map was completely and utterly dominated by the Knights Templar 2, which was a flourishing and growing league; sadly, as of late, they have continued to lag in activity and their numbers have dwindled as the war between them and the Anarchy league dragged on for well over a year.

Once upon a time, as we reported on here in the Chronicle, KT2 vowed to rid their lands of the Anarchy plague and even went as far as to tell their leadership that they would be "wiped off the map". As history has now shown, quite the opposite has indeed occurred.

The last Beacon Massacre saw many battles erupt, but none more historic than the one that resulted in the end of this long rivalry. 

Gathering their forces and mustering their strength, Anarchy, along with their sister league the Kingdom Uprising, threw all they had at the remaining two beacons held by Knights Templar 2.

Testing the two beacons, it was learned rapidly that one had a monstrous amount of defense in it, while the other had barely anything. Kingdom Uprising took it with almost no resistance.

Ku Takes KT2 Beacon

Following this, a number of probing hits were sent against the Knights Templar 2 last remaining beacon. It was calculated that this beacon had at least 500 million defense in it—by all accounts, an incredibly strong and well defended beacon. Yet this did not stop the forces of Anarchy, knowing that at the conclusion of this beacon massacre they would see 90% of their dead rise again.

The battle raged for hours as members of the Anarchy ranks gathered and mobilized their forces, launching attack after attack and eventually seeing the day won and the last remaining beacon of KT2 fall in ruin.

Hours later, furious with the actions of their sworn enemy, the Knights Templar counter-attacked with a series of assaults, taking down and destroying a number of lightly defended Anarchy beacons in the process.

KT Hits Anarchy Beacon Mass

KT Hits Anarchy Beacon Mass 2

KT2 Hits Anarchy Beacon Mass

Even with the conclusion of these battles, and the routing of KT2 by the forces of Anarchy in the Southern marches, we strongly believe that this is not the end of this war. 

Even though both KT2 and KT4 have been greatly reduced in strength, the forces of KT1 are still strong, as are the ranks of KT3.

Will KT2 now drift off into the shadows, or will they plan their day of revenge, hoping to return the favor to Anarchy? This is unknown as of yet and is still to be seen. Only time will tell, but we at the Chronicle know that revenge is a powerful thing and can never be dismissed.

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