Leagues Get Wiped Off the Map

The gods have once again played their hand and it is a cruel and vicious one. Another Beacon Massacre is upon us and man is pitted against man in a bloody game of destruction.

The Second Beacon Massacre Shocks the Realm

Once again the realm was shaken to its very core. Word spread quickly, much to the dismay of many, and much to the joy of a few vicious others.

So quickly after the last event had just ended, the gods have played another joke on us mortals and have ushered in another Beacon Massacre event. It comes quickly on the heels of the last and threatens to reshape the map as leagues still recover from the previous bloodbath.

Quickly as the word spread, Marshals began spreading the message and informing their citizens to prepare for war, knowing that grim times lay just ahead. They began to batten down the hatches and prepare for the worst.

FoD Prepares For Beacon Massacre 2

Stormfall Leagues Prepare Beacon Massacre 2

WD Prepare Beacon Massacre in Stormfall: Age of War

Not having much time, many leagues did the best they could to gather their citizens into the safety of their beacons and fortresses, while others were not so lucky and were caught off guard.

The madness broke out almost immediately upon the commencement of the event. The league Destiny was quickly struck once again by their enemies, the Emperors. While this time, they gave them little action, as they had prepared for this day, withdrawing their forces into their two most secure beacons, letting the other fall easily.

Meanwhile, Destiny chose targets of their own, hitting Death Inc and plowing through a number of their beacons easily and with little regard, knowing that the gods would resurrect 90% of all those troops fallen in battle.

Beacon Mass Destiny Targets Death Inc

Beacon Mass Destiny Death Inc

Yet, they didn't stop there. As before, they targeted the Unforgiven Kings league, with whom Test, the Marshal of Destiny, just recently had a public disagreement.

The result was the total destruction of the Unforgiven Kings beacons, as they once again lost everything to the hands of Destiny's forces.

Beacon Mass Destiny Takes Beacon 21 UK

Destiny Fails Beacon 21 UK


Having lost all beacons, the Unforgiven Kings called on their members to rejoice in their freedom and declared an ALL OUT WAR on Destiny and its members...

UK All Out On Destiny

The Emperors, finding not much resistance in those beacons that they took from the hands of Destiny, their sworn enemy, moved on to more ripe lands: those of the Fist of Honor.

The Fist of Honor experienced first hand the full brunt of the Emperors might, as they witnessed a wave of destruction wash over their people. 

Empires Take Down FoH Beacon Mass

In addition to this, there were multiple smaller-scale battles fought all over the realm, as the map lit up in red. Enemy troops, allies and all alike were seen marching across the lands, as they went on to their doom and temporary destruction.

The Anarchy and Knights Templar 2 league also witnessed a battle of epic proportions that we will delve into next week, as it deserves an edition of the Chronicle all of its own.

In the end, the gods kept true to their word and raised 90% of the dead from the grave. As this cruel joke ended, the Emperors were declared the victors of the event, if any victor could truly ever be declared.

Beacon Massacre Results

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