The Server War Returns

We hoped and we prayed and it seemed our prayers were answered. Yet the war that we all wished would end, and which we thought was over, has returned with vengeance: the Server Wars have returned and already many are suffering greatly.

A Beacon Massacre on the Horizon

The Server Wars have come and gone, a cold war washed over the realm as the tenuous peace rose forth in its place. Yet, this cold war once again erupted into a hot mess of steel as the last Beacon Massacre developed.

The reason for this was an all-out assault by the Emperors, who broke the peace and attacked the Destiny league beacons in the Northeast. Ripping through the majority of their beacons, there could not have been a clearer statement that the war was back on.

Destiny, having no targets to hit, took the next best course of action and targeted some of the Emperors’ closest allies, as they did in the previous Server Wars.

This, as expected, has sparked outrage from one of the primary recipients of this retribution, the Unforgiven Kings, who have suffered greatly due to their close alliance with the Emperors. 

Unfortunately in this time of madness and war, all rules of civility are thrown out the window and often we see a war of words spill out into the public forums.

This is exactly what happened recently, as this war of steel once again became a battle of words. Test, the Marshal of Destiny posted the following, for all to see:

Dispute Destiny

Dispute Destiny 2

Following after this post, of which is displayed the conversation between both Test and K Simons, the two leaders of their respective leagues, was a brief explanation by Test, explaining what has transpired.

Dispute Destiny 3

Of course, this action would not go unchallenged, as members of both sides posted their own explanations of what had happened, and how they see the current situation.

Destiny Dispute 4

Already, the Unforgiven Kings have begun to consolidate their remaining defenders in the beacons they have left and are preparing for a final onslaught, which they expect to be forthcoming from the ranks of Destiny.

Rallying their forces and troops, they have called all fighting men and women into their two remaining beacons, hoping to put up a fight that will see them win the day.

UFK Prepare For Destiny

Unfortunately for the remainder of the realm, who thought this conflict was resolved and settled, we are going to have to endure another battle royale that could threaten to tear the realm asunder.

The wait may not be long in the coming, as the gods are once again toying with us mortals, and already, another Beacon Massacre lay on the horizon. The countdown in on. Prepare yourself.

Beacon Massacre Coming

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